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Steps to Buying a Franchise: A Consumer Guide

When you buy a franchise, you often can sell goods and services that have instant name recognition, and get training and support that can help you succeed. But purchasing a franchise is like every other investment: there's no guarantee of success. view this article »

What is a Franchising Agreement?

The franchise agreement is the written contract between the franchisor and franchisee. It is the fundamental legal document upon which the franchisor-franchisee relationship is based. view this article »

Can I Have A Business Partner?

This varies depending on the preferences of the franchisor but yes, most concepts will allow you to have a financial partner who may also be an operating partner, if you choose. view this article »

Why Should I Buy a Franchise?

Regardless of whether you have industry or business ownership experience, you can purchase most franchises because they offer complete training, comprehensive support from the home office... view this article »

How Much Does A Franchise Cost?

The cost to buy a franchise varies greatly depending on what industry you choose to start the business in, whether the concept requires a storefront, office, home office, or is mobile... view this article »

Can I Own More Than One Franchise?

Yes, but again, this can vary by franchise concept. Many franchisors will sell area or master franchises within a certain specified territory. These larger territories can be costly. If you own... view this article »

How Can I Receive a FDD from a Franchise Company?

Inquire to franchise concepts listed on Franchise.com. You will then be contacted by the company. If you are seriously interested in potentially purchasing the concept... view this article »

Which States Are Franchise Registration States?

Fifteen states have franchise investment laws that require franchisors to provide pre-sale disclosures, known as FDD's to potential purchasers. These states are California, Hawaii, Illinois... view this article »

Why Should I Own My Own Franchise?

Business ownership offers you the opportunity to take control of your career, finances, schedule and future. You will be your own boss, work hard for yourself, and potentially reap the rewards... view this article »

How Do I Choose The Right Franchise?

Deciding which franchise is right for you is a huge decision. The right business should not only interest you, but the initial investment amount must fit into your budget and it should enable... view this article »


As many of have likely heard President Obama last Tuesday signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the Recovery Act). This Act has several provisions that directly affect SBA funding for small businesses and the ability for lenders to sell these loans in the secondary ma... view this article »

How to Evaluate a Franchise Training Program

If you are ready for a career change via franchising, the training a franchise offers is one of the most important areas you need to look at when researching a franchise opportunity. view this article »

Can I Qualify for a Franchise?

Although it may not be immediately evident, a franchise company is under no obligation to award a franchise to just anyone who can afford the franchise fee. view this article »

How Much Money Can You Make as a Franchisee?

When investigating a franchise opportunity one of the most difficult pieces of information to get from the franchisor is how much money you might make. view this article »

Starbucks Franchise

Starbucks, the ubiquitous coffee brand and coffeehouse chain... view this article »

Preparing for Your Discovery Day

Generally the last step of your franchise research will involve attending the franchisor's Discovery Day. Most often, the franchisor will bring you to their headquarters and you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the franchise team, to learn about their systems and support, and to see if you woul... view this article »

Basics - Franchise Financing Programs (SBA & VA)

There are several franchise finance assistance programs offered by the US Government. Both are in the form of loan guarantees made to lenders. view this article »

Basics - Personal Guarantees When Buying A Franchise

Most franchisors require that franchisees individually obligate themselves to be responsible for and guaranty fulfillment of all contractual commitments, including monetary obligations, made by the corporate or other legal entity owning and operating the franchise. view this article »

How much does a franchise cost? Franchise costs by category

The amounts shown below are in US$ and are averages of figures provided by franchise companies that participated in a survey. Prospective franchisees afford will often borrow the necessary funds to open the franchise from a lender which specializes in franchise loans. view this article »

Basics - What Is A Franchise?

Franchising is a way of doing business. It is a method and marketing tool for companies to expand their market share more rapidly and less expensively. view this article »

How To Buy A Franchise

Investing in your own business can be one of the most critical decisions one will ever make. The challenges are enormous physically and emotionally. Even finalizing a decision to own one's own business is daunting in itself. Many budding entrepreneurs cop out early into the decision making process. view this article »

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The Uniform Franchise Offer Circular (UFOC) is a format for disclosing franchisor information to prospective franchisees. The purpose of the UFOC is to protect the public by providing information about the franchise company. view this article »

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