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The International Franchise Expo - the Franchise Industry's Premier Annual Event

Join thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners at the International Franchise Expo (IFE) where franchise concepts, suppliers, and franchisors will have the opportunity to meet face to face with one another. The IFE is the franchise industry's premier annual event, showcasing hundreds of franc... view this article »

Expanding your Franchise System into Canada

As franchising continues to penetrate new markets, the time has never been better to explore international expansion into Canada. With nearly half of all new retail businesses in Canada being franchised businesses, Canada has established itself as a leader in the franchising industry. Whether franc... view this article »

International - UAE - Hot Franchise Market Report - Dubai

Welcome to Franchise.com's Hot Franchise Markets Report. This issue we focus on Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, one of the fastest growing and dynamic markets in the world.  view this article »

International Franchisors - Buyer Lead Generation & Disclosure

Established in 1994, Franchise.com was the first franchise lead generation site on the Internet. Since 1998 it has provided an advertising venue for international franchisors to find franchise buyers (and buyers to find franchisors) in every country of the World! Buyers simply went to the Franchise... view this article »

International Franchisors - China

In 1999 there were 974 franchises having 14,000+ units in China accounting for 4.5 % of total national sales. In 2002 - 2003 the number of franchises had increased to 1,500, and store units to 70,000. Franchise store sales had increased to 7.8 % of total national sales!  view this article »

International Franchisors - Coming To America

The following article was kindly provided to us by David Homes, Managing Partner of Holmes & Lofstrom. Mr. Holmes is the Managing Partner of Holmes & Lofstrom, LLP, a U. S. based law firm which is a member of the International Franchise Association, and specializes in international franchising tran... view this article »

International Franchisors - India - The Time Is Right

One of the primary factors which control the success of a franchising business in an emerging economy like India is the ability of a foreign franchisor to identify and seize the appropriate moment when the business environment is favorable and reap its rewards. Home to over a billion people, includ... view this article »

United Kingdom Franchise Overview

The following statistics were conclusions gathered from the NatWest/BFA Franchise Survey 2003 Supplment and provides information on the status of the franchise industry in the United Kingdom.  view this article »

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