Rapid Recovery Franchise for Sale, Rapid Recovery Franchise Opportunities
Franchise Fee
$60,000 - $150,000
Total Investment
$81,500 - $324,250
3rd Party
Lifestyle / Hours
full time, business hours
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An Exclusive Green Business Positioned Perfectly For Today’s Market Needs!

That’s Rapid Recovery.

Green isn’t new but it is a white hot business segment!  Many companies produce green products or claim to be green companies because they use recycled napkins or florescent light bulbs- Rapid Recovery franchisees are the real deal, situated smack in the center of the environmental movement! 

Every year Rapid Recovery franchisees collect millions upon millions of pounds of ozone depleting C02 equivalents through the proper recovery of coolants used in everything from industrial chillers, residential and commercial HVAC units, refrigerators, transformers and vending machines.

Unlike many fad, green businesses that struggle to change consumer paradigms; recovery of refrigerants is common practice and is strictly enforced through aggressive fines from the EPA.  With no true competitor, Rapid Recovery has positioned itself as the only nationwide recovery company in the United States with locations servicing consumers from coast-to-coast. 

Having developed proprietary equipment allowing our franchise owners to perform jobs up to 400% faster than previously possible we are strategically positioned to ride the booming need for proper recovery.

Note: At this time, Rapid Recovery is only accepting inquiries from within the USA and Canada.
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