Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise for Sale, ATM & Vending Franchise Opportunities
Cash Required
Total Investment
$120,000 - $322,500
3rd Party
Lifestyle / Hours
full time, part time, business hours, evenings & weekends, flexible
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Operate your own Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise and Join the “Healthy Vending Revolution”

NOT just another Franchise

Across the country, the demand for fresh and healthy food continues to grow. To answer this call, Fresh Healthy Vending is now seeking motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to dive into an innovative and fresh opportunity.

Utilizing our proprietary and proven breakthrough system, Fresh Healthy Vending owners are the very first to gain access to this HUGE untapped movement. A movement with a market that continues to grow, in spite of the economic climate.

Unyeilding support by state, federal and local lawmakers, corporate wellness programs and school lunch programs result in 100% support for healthier, fresher food via recently introduced laws and policies. Fresh Healthy Vending is the leader and only company of its kind that fills this critical need, through an innovative, flexible and scalable business model.

3 reasons to become a Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisee

Fresh Healthy Vending is the only vending company in the US that offers 100% juices, smoothies, yogurts, fruits and vegetables to its Franchisees for sale through state of the art vending systems. In addition we offer over 400 natural and organic products such as chips, crackers, bars, soups, waters, milks and more…

Fresh Healthy Vending secures the best possible locations for its Franchisees. We are now marketing our ‘NEW” Fresh products and machines to Schools, Health Clubs, Colleges, Universities, Shopping Malls, Businesses, Hospitals, Retailers, Trade Schools, and more! The Location possibilities are endless!

Huge Demand, Oversized Market Potential, an Untapped Category and Creative approach to marketing combined with second to none support infrastructure separates this Franchise from the rest! The time has come for Fresh Healthy Vending to explode

Each Fresh Healthy Vending Machine comes with:

  • Fresh Healthy Vending Custom Graphics Kit / Light Box
  • Coin Acceptor/Coin Dispenser
  • Bill Acceptor to accept $1, $5, $10, $20 bills
  • Cashless Payment System (all major credit / debit cards)
  • Online Sales Reporting – Remote monitoring

Also included with each Fresh Healthy Vending package:

  • Your location placements
  • Business support
  • Delivery to a warehouse in your territory
  • Installation to each location secured on your behalf
  • Training to be held at the Fresh Healthy Vending head office in San Diego or alternatively a Fresh Healthy Vending rep can provide training to you in your territory

Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise Pricing & Packaging:

# Of Machines Price Per Machine Price Per Package
10 $11,000 $120,000
11 $10,500 $131,500
12 $10,500 $143,000
13 $10,500 $154,500
14 $10,500 $166,000
15 $10,500 $177,500
16 $10,500 $189,000
17 $10,500 $200,500
18 $10,500 $212,000
19 $10,500 $223,500
20 $10,000 $220,000
21 $10,000 $231,000
22 $10,000 $242,000
23 $10,000 $253,000
24 $10,000 $264,000
25 $10,000 $275,000
26 $10,000 $286,000
27 $10,000 $297,000
28 $10,000 $308,000
29 $10,000 $319,000
30 $9,750 $322,500

10 fresh vending machines will be sold at $11,000 per machine with NON Exclusive Territory + $10k fresh franchise fee
15 fresh vending machines will be sold at $10,500 per machine with NON Exclusive Territory + $15k fresh franchise fee
20 fresh vending machines will be sold at $10,000 per machine with an Exclusive Territory w/purchase objectives + $20k fresh franchise fee
30 fresh vending machines will be sold at $9,750 per machine with a Larger Exclusive Territory w/purchase objectives + $30k fresh franchise fee

Note: At this time, Fresh Healthy Vending is only accepting inquiries from within the USA and Canada.