California Franchise Tax Board

By gmanApril 16, 2009

The California Franchise Tax Board: Administering California’s Corporation Tax and Personal Income Tax Laws

In 1929, the California Legislature created the office of the Franchise Tax Commissioner to administer California’s new Bank and Corporation Franchise Tax Act. Before this, the State Board of Equalization and the State Controller administered all tax programs. In 1950, California abolished the office of the Franchise Tax Commissioner and created today’s Franchise Tax Board.

How the Franchise Tax Board Serves the State of California

The California Franchise Tax Board is responsible for administering two of California’s major tax programs: Personal Income Tax and the Corporation Tax. The Tax Board also administers the Homeowner and Renter Assistance (HRA) program, and other non-tax programs and delinquent debt collection functions, including child support debt collections and delinquent vehicle registration debt collections. In 1999, the California Legislature gave the Tax Board the additional responsibility of procuring, developing, and implementing the statewide child support automation development project.

The California Franchise Tax Board’ Mission
The purpose of the Franchise Tax Board is to:

  • Collect the proper amount of tax revenue, and operate other programs entrusted to us, at the least cost.
  • Serve the public by continually improving the quality of our products and services.
  • Perform in a manner warranting the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity, efficiency, and fairness.

Learn More!

You can learn more about the State of California’s Franchise Tax Board by visiting their official website: California Franchise Tax Board. You can also call the Tax Board’s automated toll free phone service 24 hours a day at 800.338.0505. To speak with an expert at the Tax Board, you may call Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. within the United States at 800-852-5711. For Homeowner and Renter Assistance call 800-868-4171 and for the Internal Revenue Service call 800-829-1040. The tax Board also has six offices throughout the state of California which can be visited during regular business hours.

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