Google It! Recent Franchise and Business Startup Search Volume Trend

By Matt AldenJune 18, 2020

Interest in franchise and business ownership has always been, generally, counter-cyclical to economic downturns. A recent analysis of Google search volume confirms this to be the case once again, after an initial decline at the offset of the pandemic. And we're seeing this translate to increased sales activity for franchisors included in Network's opportunity directory, with lead volume up 16%+ June MTD over the same period in May.

Franchise and business buying/starting and related search term volume has rebounded to approximate 2019 average levels. And, looking specifically at "Business" startup/for-sale terms, related search volume is climbing to new historical levels in June MTD.

We're encouraged by this increased prospective franchise and business buyer demand and believe it bodes well both for franchisors that have maintained their lead generation programs and for those readying to restart and build pipelines to deliver new franchisees within 2020 and into 2021. Check out more details and insights here.

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