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Club Metro USA

Club Metro USA

is seeking candidates for expansion.

What does a Club Metro USA Franchise Cost?

Total Investment$842,000 - $1,611,500
Cash Required$250,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

Own your own gym franchise - Club Metro.

Provide an affordable, resort-like health club model to your consumers and benefit from a subscription revenue model like ours.  


Discover Your Greatness with a Club Metro USA
Health and Fitness – An industry that is truly the best of both worlds

Health and Fitness…an industry that is proven and mature, yet still untapped! 

  • In 2012, the fitness industry represented over 20 billion in sales and over 50 million Americans now have some type of gym membership.
  • Growth potential is huge – less than 20% of adult Americans currently have a gym membership!  This number continues to increase more than 5% each year.

Club Metro Business Model

Club Metro USA provides an affordable, resort-like health club model to consumers.

  • Customers enjoy a luxury, “resort-like” health club for as little as $19.99.
  • A low entry price equals high customer retention.
  • We’ve perfected a pre-sales program that has helped our franchisees acquire hundreds and sometimes thousands of paying members before their club has even opened!
  • In addition to the basic, recurring monthly membership, our franchisees have six other potential revenue streams.

Revenue Streams Include:

  • Personal training
  • Classes
  • Apparel/store items
  • Juice bar & vending
  • Childcare
  • Tanning

Attract new customers based on price and keep them long term with a high quality gym and experience!

Our nation’s health consciousness continues to grow and be a focus. As more people realize the long-term benefits of healthy living, we’re making time to move our bodies, raise our heart rates, and watch what we eat. 

But that’s not the only reason the fitness industry continues to ride an enormous wave of growth.  Consider your future members:

  • Baby Boomers:  The baby boomers are the first generation to commit to regular exercise. As this generation reaches retirement age, it’s determined to live with a quality of life never before known to those in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
  • Every generation coming after the baby boomers, from Gen X, Gen Y and the Millennials all view regular exercise as a critical part of their daily life.
  • Subsidized memberships:  Understanding the impact of healthy living on medical care expenses, insurance companies are now beginning to subsidize gym memberships as a preventative health care measure.

Ideal Owners

Are you ready for an opportunity to become a Club Metro USA Franchisee?  We’re looking for entrepreneurs that are motivated by success, but even more importantly, a Club Metro franchisee appreciates the benefits that a subscription revenue model like ours can provide.  

As we like to say, “In what other business does the customer have to get sweaty and do all the work?”  You will still work hard, but we truly believe that a successful business life depends on a successful personal life.  We believe that our business model, complete with the potential for healthy earnings and a passion for helping others, gives our franchisees a real chance to achieve exactly that.

Discover the beneifts of owning a Club Metro USA franchise today!

For your initial $50,000 investment, you receive . . .

Ninety hours of in person start-up training - Every new Club Metro flies to our initial start-up training program taught by Emile Farina and his team of business, franchise and fitness experts. The Club Metro Training Center is in Toms River, NJ, where Emile has assembled a peerless team of instructors that include fitness experts, marketing specialists, and leaders from the real estate and construction industries. Your training will cover every aspect of owning and operating a Club Metro business. Our expert instructors will thoroughly teach you how to masterfully perform every one of your responsibilities.

You’ll also be trained to market your new business using Club Metro’s proprietary marketing system, how to create and maintain relationships with referral sources, how to coordinate your day-to day work schedule, and how to manage the administrative and financial, all in a very Comprehensive, very intense 2 weeks.

Marketing Assistance – Every smart new business owner worries about one thing – “How am I going to get customers?” All of our franchisees are trained in Club Metro’s proven marketing approach and given access to our professional-grade marketing collateral. More than merely telling you what to do, we’ll explain why some things work and others don’t. You will learn the skills you’ll need to measure and manage your marketing efforts from a financial standpoint. In addition you’ll gain professional insight into choosing market specific advertising venues that may be unique to your territory.

The Club Metro Pre-Sales Marketing Plan –Your Club Metro training will teach you how to market and sign up new members BEFORE YOUR LOCATIONS IS EVEN OPEN! That’s right, while you’re location is built-out, you will be signing up new members, collecting fees and generating revenue before the doors to your gym ever open!

Fully Integrated Software Suite – With Club Metro, you’ll be provided with a fully integrated suite of membership, CRM and accounting software.

Equipment – At Club Metro, we’ve negotiated purchasing arrangements with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the business. Whether you decide to buy your equipment or lease it, our franchisees will always get a far better deal than they could get on their own.

Site Selection and Build-Out Assistance - While our new owners need to be very involved in the choice of location and the build-out of their facility, we will provide assistance and expert advice every step of the way. From location selection and lease negotiation to permitting and planning, we’ll be there.

"Buying a Club Metro USA franchise changed our lives. With the economy going through tough times, we needed to diversify. Club Metro USA now gives us a future in a thriving fitness and wellness industry. Emile and Mike made it easy even though we had no experience in the fitness industry whatsoever. Thanks.?" - Roberto and Al

"Club Metro USA is an excellent run club. It is well managed from the friendly Front Desk employees to the on staff Personal Trainers who are always willing to help. Most of the members are from the neighborhood which makes working out more enjoyable. Club Metro USA has state of the art equipment, an excellent atmosphere, great bathrooms and private showers which make you feel like you are in a resort.?" - Billy O.