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What does a CSCI Business Opportunity Cost?

To start your own Conservation Services Capital Improvements cleaning and restoration business, you'll need a minimum of $70,000 in liquid capital. The total investment range is $70,000 - $150,000. A basic plan costs $70,000 and the comprehensive plan is an additional $80,000. If the comprehensive plan is paid within the first 6 months, there is a 10% discount for the total package (a savings of $15,000).

Total Investment$70,000 – $150,000
Cash Required$70,000
Business TypeBusiness Opportunity
Target MarketSee List

Join a Billion+ Dollar Industry!

CSCI is a unique exterior commercial restoration, preservation & window cleaning franchise offering you the ability to Be Your Own Boss.  With endless possibilities for growth, because you can clean and restore all buildings regardless of their size and our product can be used on glass, stone, metal or wood.  This means you can get small jobs like power washing a side walk to a big job like cleaning or restoring your local hospitals, schools, municipal buildings, and everything in between.

In any endeavor in life, you can climb the rungs slowly, or jump to the front of the line… with CSCI.

Open CSCI in any of these available states: AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, KS, LA, MS, MO, NV, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV.


CSCI is a Trusted Brand with a Solid Reputation.

Jim Donaghystarted CSCI 1983. He brings a wealth of knowledge regarding commercial restoration, preservation & cleaning and has been perfecting this art for over 30 years. CSCI is now offering franchise opportunities so others can start their own business and grow with this proven business model.

Any Business Can Be a Potential Customer for You!

Your potential client base can range from local restaurants, school, hospitals, corporate buildings, office parks, museums, etc

This model is like other franchise models except that it goes further into other areas as time goes on and skills improve. Starting with simple tasks and moving up to larger more complex items and when you need us to help acquire those jobs our background is there to help you when you need it for those bigger jobs.

We’ll Show You the Way.

In business, credibility is probably the most important feature when trying to woo customers for the first time. If you don’t have credibility, “come back when you do.” Is a common heard rejection. Sorry, this is a fact.

CSCI gives you the credibility you need to get at the table. By coming aboard and being a member of the team at CSCI, you immediately jump the line due to our credibility and background.

You won’t spend time figuring out how to locate contracts, how to bid them, where to look for other contracts and how to make introductions to your service.

For larger contracts, we’ll be with you by your side to help you win these bids.

Some Benefits of Joining Our Brand:

  • No Experience Needed, We’ll Train You
  • You’ll Learn How To Seek Business and Bid Jobs
  • We’ll Work With You To Help You Win Large Contracts
  • Low Overhead
  • Minimal Employees
  • Strong Corporate Support
  • We Design a Website for Your Business
  • Set Your Own Hours – spend more time with your family

CSCI isn’t limited to small structures. They produced a single contract worth 8 million dollars working for the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, DC covering all the building on Capitol Hill including the US Capitol Building, US Senate Office buildings, US House of Representatives Office Buildings, US Supreme Court and Judiciary Building, US Library of Congress Buildings, US Capitol Police, US Botanical Gardens, and other agency buildings. No other company in America has had an agency-wide contract with the Architect of the Capitol for all of these buildings in one contract at one time. We know what we’re doing. Also, we’re able to cover many aspects of technical work that other service companies can’t.

By joining with us, you will have everything you need in one location with proven results. Or, keep it small and at a level you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be hard to earn a great, easy living. We have many ideas.

Join the team. Become a member of this idea and start your future now.

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