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Client Testimonials

We regularly use as one of our top portals. In particular, does well with service and B2B brands such as PostNet and the strength and longevity of the domain name help improve its organic ranking over other portals."
Thomas Scott

Dr.Smart Phones had tried several other lead portal companies before trying

The quality of the people there is outstanding and we have truly enjoyed dealing with them for over the past year.

Each month we hit our target of leads very quickly. We are set-up to receive 60 leads per month. On average I get 2-4 qualified and quality leads from this service.

We have added 6 Franchisees with leads from, which has lead to over 15 licenses being sold.

Like all portals, there are bad phone numbers and phony people, once in a while, but has a policy to replace those leads and I have never had an instance where my rep didn't live up to that agreement.

We won't be going away from for some time, I'm sure."

Ken Rich, Vice President
Dr. Smart Phones Franchise Systems, Inc.
I have to admit when you proposed your Solo/Dedicated email program to me I was skeptical at the pricing based on the number of subscribers. However, as you said, it produced better results than others’ lists, which have many more subscribers. Please mark us down for the next one that is available!"
Shawn Hull
CEO, Blue Coast Savings

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Matt Bogart


Kim Woods

Kim Woods