New Index Invites Franchisors to Report Annual and Ongoing New Unit Sales as a Signal of System Popularity to Aspiring New Franchise Business Owners.

Portsmouth, NH, January 12, 2021 – Franchise.com Network today announced the launch of its Franchise.com Sales Index, where all franchisors are invited to post a free listing including their YTD new unit sales, beginning with all sales in 2020. Every participating franchisor will also receive a badge of recognition to be published on their prospect-facing digital assets.

Franchise Sales

The new featured page will offer valuable free exposure to participating franchisors and allow prospective buyers to sort by ranking, investment level, and company name. And franchisors can easily update their sales numbers in real time to reflect present growth trends and improve their ranking.

“Every day at Franchise.com Network, thousands of prospective business buyers are looking for the right opportunity, and new unit development pace signals franchise systems’ health, popularity, and timeliness,” says Matt Alden, President of Franchise.com Network. “We’re excited about this launch and really want to encourage franchisors to participate, with an expectation that the “Index” itself grows into an important outlet by which franchisors demonstrate their success to the broader prospective buyer audience. Calling all franchisors – Show Your Sales!”

More information, FAQ’s, and a listing submission form is available at Franchise.com/network/sales-index.

About Franchise.com Network

Franchise.com Network combines the reach and legacy of two pioneering digital franchise and business opportunity directories – Franchise.com and FranchiseSolutions.com – to deliver new franchise sales connections at attractive recruitment economics. The company is part of FranchiseVentures, the leading demand generation platform for aspiring business buyers and franchisees to thousands of growing franchise systems in the United States and Canada. Its franchise lead generation brands include Franchise.com, FranchiseSolutions.com, FranchiseGator.com, FranchiseOpportunities.com, FranchiseForSale.com, SmallBusinessStartup.com and BusinessBroker.net, and together they provide the largest aggregation of prospective business and franchise buyers in the U.S.

Franchisor Participation Contacts:

Sharon Guerin – 603-570-4102 | Sharon.guerin@franchise.com