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Featuring Top Franchise & Business Opportunities Ranked by Annual New Unit Sales

Every day thousands of prospective business buyers are looking for the right opportunity, and your new unit development pace is a great signal that you’re growing, and they can be your next owner.


It’s FREE & EASY – just complete the short form below to submit your new unit sales for 2020, post your listing, and get your badge to display anywhere you promote your opportunity.

Top Franchise - Sales Index 2021

Why are we doing this?

Several reasons, really. System growth is an important signal of franchise concept viability, and prospective franchisees are always looking to understand who’s growing now, and how big. We’re looking to allow franchisors to broadcast their YTD new unit sales, and to share this valuable index with the broader prospective buyer audience.

How many companies will be included in the Index?

Ultimately, as many as want to report and share their YTD new unit sales numbers, and we expect that the INDEX will grow over time. The first franchisors to participate will have the best early exposure on this well-promoted page!

Why are we asking if any sales are from Network (or from Franchise Ventures)?

So that we can highlight this on your listing and make it stand out, and because this information allows us to continue optimizing our lead acquisition efforts to target the most likely prospective buyer audience.

Are sales numbers verified or audited?

No, we’re counting on participating franchisors to accurately report new unit sales numbers and will remove any listings determined to be inaccurate.

How often will the INDEX be published?

Annually, in January, with a launch intended for Q1 2021.

How do I add the badge to my own website?

Once you complete the application form, we will email you (using the email you provided in the application) the badge to proudly display anywhere you promote your opportunity.