Reaping the Rewards of his Hard Work….and Giving Back to the Community through Franchise Ownership
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Reaping the Rewards of his Hard Work….and Giving Back to the Community through Franchise Ownership 

By Jocelyn Chavez
Like many would-be business owners, the common desire to reap the rewards of his hard work was initially what motivated David Thomas to explore business ownership. “I decided that all of my hard work was always benefiting my employer instead of myself,” Thomas explained.
Thomas channeled his resolve into action and began researching business ownership online. “I was browsing on the Internet looking for different businesses and I saw an ad for,” he recalled. Although Thomas, who had worked as a lead driver for a beverage distributor for 15 years, didn’t have a particular franchise or industry in mind when he arrived on, he quickly zeroed in on a franchise concept that piqued his interest.
Having been exposed to the drug-testing industry for many years while working in transportation, Thomas was familiar with Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated guidelines and regulations. When he saw an opportunity, he acted. “ was easy to use. I looked at the different opportunities on the website…and when I saw drug testing, I thought that it would be a nice opportunity that would also let me give back and help others in my community,” Thomas said of his decision to inquire and request additional information about the Conspire! drug testing franchise opportunity. “I received a response almost immediately and a call very shortly with more information.”
Thomas, who recently purchased his Conspire! drug and alcohol screening franchise, shares first-hand insights into owning an industry-leading, in-demand, national franchise.
What will your day-to-day lifestyle be like?
“As for any business owner, that is always trying to take the next step in growing their business, my days will be very busy. I believe that the positive impact that it will have on my life as well as others, will be rewarding on a day-to-day basis.”
Do you work from an office?
“I have an office where we perform testing and we also offer mobile testing.”
Do you have flexible work hours?
“We have office hours and we also offer after-hours testing services.”
Do you have employees?
“Yes, we have two employees.”
What makes this a good business?
“The drug testing industry experiences strong, ongoing demand due to the different regulations that companies must comply with, and employers who want to ensure their business is a safe, drug-free environment.”
“National statistics show that substance abusers in the workplace are five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim, 33% less productive on the job and have significantly higher rates of absenteeism. What drug and alcohol testing can do for any business is reduce compensation for lost time, lower injuries and save costs across the board with a healthier workforce.”
How has the support that you’ve received prepared you for operating your business?
“The support from the whole Conspire! team has been great. It has been wonderful working with Conspire! They have all been very supportive in helping me with my new franchise.”
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