Rent-N-Roll Custom Wheels & Tires, Rent-to-Own Custom Wheels and Tires, Automotive, Franchise Opportunity
Franchise Fee
Total Investment
$134,000 - $205,300
BoeFly Participant
Lifestyle / Hours
full time, flexible
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With over forty years of experience, RENT-N-ROLL has successfully established locations in over 20 states. Thanks to an innovative business model that pairs their renowned ‘rent to own’ program with their custom wheels and performance tires, RNR is a dominant force in the wheel and tire industry. Today, RENT-N-ROLL continues to broaden their customer base as they enhance their programs with cutting-edge advancements in the field of the wheel and tire industry.

Our Story
In October of 2000, RNR opened the doors of their very first store in Tampa, FL. Combining over 40 years of rent-to-own experience with custom wheels and performance tires has proven to be a winning combination. While there were many challenges during those early days, the results have proven to be well worth the time and effort.

With our average store revenues being more than twice the national average of traditional rent-to-own stores, Rent-N-Roll is wildly successful. RNR is committed to helping our Franchise partners achieve growth and success. We continue to enhance our program and be innovative at every turn; we strive to be the leader in the rent-to-own industry.

About the President
Larry Sutton, President and CEO

Larry Sutton is a twenty-five-year veteran of the rent-to-own industry. Best known for his passionate speeches, seminars and industry fund-raising efforts in the early 90s, Mr. Sutton has earned the nickname “the Reverend of RTO.”  As a successful operator of a 28-store rent-to-own chain in the Southeast, he has held a place within the rent-to-own business for many years. He began his rent-to-own career in 1978 with Curtis Mathis and participated in the development of their national rent-to-own training program. In 1981 he founded B&L Concepts dba Champion Rent-to-Own, which he maintained until 1997, when he sold the stores. He has served two terms on the Board of Directors of APRO (Association of Progressive Rental Organizations), and was awarded the “Distinguished Presidents Award of Excellence” in 1994. In 2006, he was the recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement” award. Today Mr. Sutton is a well-respected member of the APRO Hall of Fame.





Note: At this time, Rent-N-Roll Custom Wheels & Tires is only accepting inquiries from within the USA and Canada.