Physicians Weight Loss Centers-An Innovative Diet Center Franchise
Cash Required
Total Investment
$60,500 - $100,000
3rd Party
Lifestyle / Hours
full time, business hours, evenings & weekends
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We Are Unique In The Weight Loss Industry

The difference in Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® is that due to the professional staff we hire we are able to administer stronger and more aggressive weight loss programs than other commercial weight loss centers. They simply cannot administer the type of programs that we do. That gives us a big advantage.

BETTER Programs,
BETTER Weight Loss,
BETTER Business Opportunity!

Do you need to be a Physician? NO!

At a time when obesity and it's related health complications are on the minds of medical professionals, business owners, and families worldwide, there has never been a better time to join Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers as a Franchisee.

Affordable & Rewarding!

Note: Physicians Weight Loss Centers is not currently accepting inquiries from outside the USA.