Potato Corner, French Fry Franchise, Food Kiosk, In-Line Store
Cash Required
$135,000 - $200,000
Total Investment
$135,000 - $200,000
3rd Party
Lifestyle / Hours
full time, flexible
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Potato Corner: Drive's North American Growth with "Mouth Watering" Franchise Opportunity

Capitalize on America's most favorite snack food!  For more than 18 years, Potato Corner has been the world’s original flavored French fries franchise. Since 1992, Potato Corner has evolved into a multi-national food franchise with hundreds of locations worldwide. As we continue to expand, we’re looking for enthusiastic individuals to join us. The Potato Corner franchise opportunity provides you with the chance to leverage a unique concept that combines our addictively popular flavored French fries and other beloved menu items, with our time-tested business model. As a Potato Corner franchisee you’ll also benefit from owning a business that features significant competitive advantages, including:
  • Diverse, proprietary menu items that have widespread appeal- From French fries and gourmet potato chips featuring our patented spices - BBQ, Sour Cream n’ Onion, Chili BBQ and Cheddar- to hash browns puffs, baked potatoes, chicken strips, and sweet potato fries, our perfected, proprietary menu items appeal to a wide-range of appetites. 
  • Unique concept in an over-saturated snack food market environemnt- Business models vary from, kiosks to in-line stores.
  • Minimal staffing requirements- Potato Corners fun filled environment is easy to staff while keeping your labor costs low.
  • An easy-to-operate business model- Our business features state of the art, fully automated systems and an efficient layout and minimal prep time.
  • Impulse purchase- Our locations in high foot-traffic venues, combined with our enticing menu offerings and reasonable price-point make Potato Corner a popularchoice for an impromptu snack or a meal.
  • Ideal for the growing number of on-the-go consumers- All of our items are made fresh-to-order and packaged to compliment the snacking habits of an increasingly on-the-go society.
  • Repeat business- Potato Corner has carefully crafted a diverse, inviting menu that not only entices first-time customers but also encourages repeat business.
Many Venues Make Ideal Potato Corner Locations
Location is integral to the Potato Corner business model. Bustling venues with high foot-traffic in family-friendly areas are ideal sites. Some typical locations include:
  • Malls.
  • Airport terminals.
  • Outdoor shopping centers.
  • Colleges and universities.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Entertainment arenas. 
  • Sports stadiums.
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