LaserNation - A Unique Game & Recreation Franchise
Cash Required
Total Investment
$150,000 - $500,000
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Take Aim At An Exciting New Career!

LaserNation presents you with a fabulous, proven franchise opportunity. Own and operate a fun-filled destination venue that provides the physical activity and mental stimulation today's Americans need and want. Your LaserNation franchise will cater to customers of all ages, who come to your facility for fun and excitement, team building, special outings, birthday parties and a myriad of other motivations. Owning a LaserNation laser tag franchise is as fun and rewarding for our franchise owners as it is for our customers!

Who Would Have Guessed Technology Could Be So Much Fun!
The equipment at LaserNation uses state-of-the-art RF transmission technology, in conjunction with software and hardware that records every aspect of a laser tag game. Though it may sound complicated, the results are pure magic!

Laser tag players wear vests that contain targets on their shoulders, chest, and back. The targets operate via a computer, which enables the target sensors to receive signals from an opponent's laser for a "tag."

While the game of laser tag employs sophisticated technology, the strategy behind LaserNation is actually very straightforward. It is contained in our business plan which you, as a LaserNation franchisee, will implement to set up and run an exciting laser tag center of your own.

Note: At this time, LaserNation - Where America Plays Laser Tag! is only accepting inquiries from within the USA and Canada.