Mortgage/real estate industry professionals – changing careers

By Kelly MangumMay 15, 2008

Much ado has been made about the housing market's state of disarray and the role of subprime mortgages in creating the issues plaguing America's economy. Naturally, as is the case anytime people lose significant sums of money, fingers are being pointed. The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, mortgage brokers, and home-buyers are among those drawing the ire of the media. Who's to be blamed? I don't think that culpability should be assigned to a single group. Lost in the shuffle of the subprime mortgage disaster is the fact that thousands of honest people who once earned a living in the mortgage or real estate industries will find themselves unemployed, or perhaps choosing to seek an alternative career path, as a result of the housing market's collapse. Where will they turn? For many mortgage/real estate industry professionals, we think franchising presents a wonderful option for getting their career back on track. There are myriad franchise opportunities that require the same skill sets they have honed throughout their careers. From financial services franchises to business services franchises to work from home businesses, there are plenty of opportunities they should consider exploring.

About the Author - Kelly Mangum

Director of Marketing at & Franchise Solutions. Experienced at lead generation & project management. Mama of 2, wife, runner, gardener, living just outside of Portsmouth, NH.