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Children's Franchise Opportunities

Explore children's franchise opportunities that offer you the ability to work with children and young adults while catering to the needs of parents. With more and more dual income families, parents simply do not have the time to help their children with school work, do after school projects with them, or plan their birthday parties. These parents do want the best for their children and have the financial capabilities to pay for products and services to meet their children's needs.

Child-related businesses can be rewarding to own not only in the financial sense but also through the gratification derived from enhancing a child's life. For those aspiring entrepreneurs who enjoy being around kids and making their lives better, children's franchises are an excellent place to begin your search. Choose from day care franchises, tutoring franchises, children's art franchises, child education franchises, kids' fitness franchises, children's clothing franchises, and more.


Steamoji is a maker academy for kids that trains builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Technological change is accelerating. Many parents feel STEM subjects are important to help prepare their children for the careers of their future, but see schools…

Cash Required: $90,000

Category: Children's Services

Sport Clips

Own a Championship Opportunity! If you’re seeking a path to financial independence, a way to transition out of the corporate world, and want to take control of your future? Investing in a Sport Clips Franchise can offer a path to business ownership.

Cash Required: $200,000

Category: Children's Services

Purchase A Franchise Using Your Retirement Plan

This is NOT a franchise or business opportunity. This is a service offered to those seeking to purchase a franchise or business using their retirement funds without having to pay the taxes and penalties. You can purchase a franchise or traditional business…

Cash Required: $30,000

Category: Child Related Franchises

The Tutoring Center

Your Future Belongs Here! Do you want to own your own successful business in a high-demand and rewarding profession? Then look no further than The Tutoring Center! Our turn-key system makes getting started easy with comprehensive training and support,…

Cash Required: $80,000

Category: Children Related

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Popular Children's Franchise Categories

Here are some of the most popular categories among children’s franchise opportunities:

Education & Tutoring Franchises

In the US, the tutoring franchise business is worth an estimated $1 billion. It’s expected to experience explosive growth this year, because technological advances in online teaching have put tutoring within the financial reach of many more people. Platforms like Zoom and improved Internet connectivity make it easier and more cost-effective for teachers and students to connect. This offers an attractive alternative to overcrowded classrooms.

However, this isn’t the only factor driving growth. A rise in per capita disposal income and an increase in the number of K-12 students has also led to greater demand for tutors and more cash available to pay for these services. Increased attention placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects means that parents are more willing to pay for instruction from a talented tutor as well.

Another factor driving demand in this category is the growing awareness of how incredibly challenging it is to provide a personalized learning experience in a busy classroom. Private tutors have much more creative freedom when it comes to tailoring their methods to the needs of each child.

Explore Education & Tutoring Franchises

Party & Play Franchises

By owning a Party & Play franchise, you’ll help parents throw a party their children will remember for the rest of their days. When it comes to celebrating the big milestones in a child’s life, parents are willing to splurge. In fact, a significant percentage of parents spend $500 or more on their kid’s first birthday.

A Party & Play franchise sparks joy in kids of all ages, so your rewards won’t just be financial. Watching youngsters whoop it up in a play space you provide can be such a gratifying experience and one of the more pleasant ways to make a buck.

Explore Party & Play Franchises

Kids’ Fitness Franchises

If you want to make money while helping to instill a lifelong interest in physical exercise to previously sedentary children, consider purchasing a kids’ fitness franchise.

With the irresistible allure of electronic devices vying for their attention, parents who try to keep their children active and fit have a formidable challenge ahead of them. Children’s fitness centers and activities counteract the hypnotic effect that tablets, computers, and mobile phones have on kids by making fitness fun and exciting.

The arrival of this business model couldn’t be more timely, as more kids are overweight than ever before. At fitness centers, children can enjoy everything from gymnastics to dance to sports of every imaginable variety.

While each class is designed to be fun, they also help kids be more agile, flexible, and have better coordination. The benefits aren’t merely physical, because children enjoy psychological benefits from the curriculum as well, such as greater self-esteem and self-confidence.

Children’s Clothing Franchises

The cost to raise a kid until 17 is estimated to be a mind-boggling $233,610. 6% of this cost is clothing expense. What’s more, you’ll have a steady supply of inventory because kids will always outgrow their clothing. You can even select a sub-niche, such as baby clothing, teen clothing, used children’s clothing or more upscale children’s apparel. There are even franchises that exclusively sell children’s toys, furniture, or bedroom furnishings.

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