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What does a Dealer Marketing Resources Business Opportunity Cost?

Be your own boss and create residual income. This business opportunity is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to help Dealer Marketing Resources market new software to auto, motorcycle and RV dealers. This unique, proprietary lead generating platform, created by Dealer Marketing Resources will deliver real-time, quality leads to dealers. The financial requirements include $19,500 in liquid capital and $50,000 minimum net worth. The total investment is $19,500. 

Total Investment$19,500
Cash Required$19,500
Business TypeBusiness Opportunity
Target MarketNational

Get in on the Ground Floor and Create a Phenomenal Residual Income Stream!

Dealer Marketing Resources is seeking serious minded entrepreneurs to partner with them in marketing a unique, patent-pending software application to automotive and RV dealerships.

Explore this exciting opportunity today. We now offer company financing!


Automotive and RV Dealers spend a serious amount of money promoting their websites, and yet, they are using only a very limited portion of their website traffic to acquire leads.  Statistics show that over 88% of Auto and RV buyers shop online and that’s exactly what makes our proprietary software so valuable to a Dealer today.  Our patent-pending digital software application (SaaS) can bring high quality, exclusive shoppers to the dealership on a very consistent basis. 

About Us

Our corporate headquarters is located in Palm Coast, Florida, with the Owner/Founder/CEO having more than 15 years of experience in the Automotive and RV Industries. 

We offer the only digital SaaS product that enables the dealer to:

  • Create leads in-house.
  • Determine the origin and volume of the leads.
  • Capture 100% accurate shopper contact information, 100% of the time.
  • Generate real time, exclusive, and inventory precise leads.

It’s All About Leads!

Our company, Dealer Marketing Resources, LLC, has created a very affordable and yet extremely effective way for dealers to generate unlimited, high quality, in-the-market, exclusive real time leads, month after month.

All of the efforts of a dealership focus on creating new customers, whether it’s TV, Radio, Direct Mail, etc.

What makes us different is that with our digital software marketing platform, we provide the dealer with a unique information hotline that entices the shopper to call about a specific car, truck or RV that interests them. 

With a 24/7 recorded message in place the shopper is not reluctant to call and when they do, the software will have captured their name and phone number, and why and when they called. 

The software will then immediately perform a group of other important tasks automatically that are designed to greatly help the dealer sell the inquiring shopper the car, truck or RV of interest. 

The Opportunity

  • There are over 20,000 New Car Franchises and 3500 New RV Dealers in the US.
  • Over 88% of car buyers shop online for their car, truck or RV.
  • 71% of those online shoppers buy the car they already chose online.
  • Automotive and RV dealerships can spend over $100,000 a month on Internet marketing.

Our Success Program

  • Unlimited monthly residual income
  • Clients with massive advertising budgets
  • Set your own schedule
  • Large, exclusive territory
  • No brick & mortar location necessary, work from home
  • Low cost, high reward
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training program