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What does a Gold Star Day Trading Franchise Cost?

Gold Star Day Trading is looking for professionals who want to control their financial future. With this Day Trading coaching program, you’ll learn strategies that commonly yield an 80-90% win rate, trading a corporate-funded account. The total investment for the Day Trading program is $16,595, which includes ongoing support and training opportunities that will allow you to profit in any market. Financing options available for those who qualify.

Total Investment$16,500 - $23,000
Cash Required$16,500
Business TypeFranchise
Target Market National

Now is an exceptionally good time to be a Day Trader!

Work independently for a couple of hours per day and make money no matter what the economy is doing! With today's technology, tools, and techniques; day trading is now the vehicle that creates more millionaires than anything else. Day trading with Gold Star Day Trading's 20+ year proven system that commonly yields an 80-90% win rate and trading with our company money is a business you can fit into any demanding schedule.


There has never been a better time to secure your financial future with a recession proof income from home!


  • Being in a position to profit equally from an up or down market.
  • Being coached and supported as you develop business skills that enable you to be financially independent for the rest of your life.
  • Taking advantage of a life changing opportunity that could be the last career change you’ll ever make.

That opportunity is here, right now, and the timing has never been better to learn about the benefits of Day Trading.

Available in US and Canada

Tap Into Big Money!

For most people, Day Trading (especially with our proven system) is the fastest BIG money, simplest BIG money, most direct BIG money, most flexible BIG money, and least expensive access to BIG money than anything else. If you want big money, then go where big money flows, the financial markets where over $5.5 trillion dollars per day is exchanged. We’ll show you how Day Trading can be your vehicle to tap into this massive daily flow of big money.

Since you will be trading our money, we have a vested interest in your success. And with this business model you’ll be free to focus on fine-tuning your trading techniques without worrying about marketing, talking to others, selling, stocking products, billing etc. It’ll be just you and your coach, working with our 20-year proven system, trading with your company funded account, and the market. Basically, you’ll be trained to make big money while enjoying the time freedom and lifestyle you want.

We Offer:

Security and Stability

Work within a stable trillion-dollar industry

  • You’ll be trading using customized trading strategies, enabling you to make money regardless of economic conditions or market fluctuations.
  • You’ll learn how to adjust trading strategies to profit in times of market volatility. Our traders make money when the market goes up and when the market goes down.

Day trading is a recession proof industry.

  • You’ll rest easy knowing that your income source doesn’t have to be impacted by shutdowns, uncertainty or changing market conditions.
  • You are secure. You can't lose your trading livelihood, it is economically recession proof, weatherproof, calamity proof, etc. because it is an independent income based on the total world's cash exchange which will always flow.

Freedom and Flexibility

You’re the boss. Take control of your time and focus on what you want.

  • Work independently and say goodbye to commuting, time clocks, meetings, and long workdays.
  • You’ll spend your time honing your trading skills rather than dealing with concerns typical business owner have such ascustomers, employees, overhead, inventory, advertising, billings, and collections etc.

Shrink your 40-hour work week down to 15 hours.

  • Our traders spend one to three hours per day trading, leaving plenty of time for family or personal activities and interests.
  • With currency markets open 24/5, you can work online from wherever you are, whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection and you are in business.

Executive Level Income Potential

How much do you want to earn? It’s totally up to you!

  • It is possible to start building up an executive level income after just a couple of months of focused training. What other profession can offer that to you?
  • You’ll discover how to put the compounding nature of your trade account to work for you, allowing you to grow a substantial income quickly and easily.

You can put yourself in a money-making position in as little as 9-10 weeks.

  • Unlike other specialized educational programs (college courses, vocational schools), day trading won’t take you years of study to master.
  • Executing your trade plan, managing your risk, and continuing to take advantage of additional coaching will enable you to steadily grow your corporate funded account - generating profits for you and helping you qualify for funding increases.

Expert Coaching and Customized Trade Plans

We’ll help you craft effective trading strategies based on your availability and preferences.

  • Since going public with our trading programs in 2008 we have trained thousands of successful Day Traders, many of whom maintain an 80-90% trading success rate.
  • Our traders have come to us from all walks of life – occupation, age, education, experience. They were drawn to day trading because they saw the chance to achieve the time freedom and financial independence that they knew they wanted.

Our coaches are expert traders with demonstrated success.

  • With a few hours of focused attention each day and the on-on-one coaching you’ll receive; you’ll be able to quickly build a strong foundation of day trading skills and knowledge that will allow you to make money in any market.
  • We are genuinely invested in your success; remember you’ll be trading with our money. We offer live and online trading sessions so you can trade with our coaches, and you’ll have access to our extensive training library.

Your Next Step

If you are excited about the possibilities of generating an executive level income, with just a few focused hours per day, working with a proven system that allows you to prosper in any market, you’ll want to learn more.

Once we receive your request for more information you will be directed to a recorded webinar that will give you a bird’s eye view of how you can benefit working with our company and proven system. We’ll also give you the opportunity to take our system for a test drive so you can experience the fun and power of Day Trading for yourself. We look forward to helping you discover the many benefits of Day Trading!

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