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What does a iTripVacations Franchise Cost?

Total Investment$125,000 - $150,000
Cash Required$70,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target Market National

iTripVacations: Join this Winning Team.

There has never been a better time to start an iTrip® franchise. In the last few years this industry has been on fire. We have seen consumer awareness about vacation rentals go from 15% to 35%. How many times have you been able to place yourself at the right place, at the right time, in a true market consolidation and catch the wave of a lifetime? iTrip® Vacations is a web-based vacation rental and property management company that is revolutionizing the way guests book and use vacation homes. Learn more about how you can join this winning team.


A Proven, Profitable Business Model

iTrip’s mission with the Franchisees that own and operate their individual franchise territories is to provide them with industry leading technologies and platforms as well as comprehensive digital marketing strategies for optimal success. iTrip’s goal is to become the most trusted brand in the vacation rental industry.

iTrip® owners enjoy recurring revenue streams by managing clients’ vacation homes in world-class destinations and marketing its rentals to millions of travelers using proven proprietary systems (all from the comfort of your home).

Because iTrip® provides franchisees with extensive training, there is no industry experience required; only a true desire to own your own business in a dream location. You will have the backing of a proven model, operate an exclusive territory, and enjoy state-of-the-art systems and industry-leading technology- all while working from the comfort of your home.

Unique ownership benefits include:

  • NO Equipment to Buy
  • NO Build-out Cost
  • NO Account Receivables
  • NO Need for Employees
  • NO Retail Location
  • NO Inventory
  • NO Long-term Lease to sign
  • NO Signage

Join a Winning Team

Hard work in a dream location gives you the opportunity to win in life. Learn why this is considered a “Lifestyle Business”. Amazing, recession-resistant locations are still available throughout North America. Will you need flip-flops or snow boots?


iTrip® originally started because the company’s founders had a need for their own vacation rentals and could not find an adequate solution in the marketplace. Focusing on a single territory, we have developed and operate a multi-million dollar business in Panama City, FL. This territory allows us to continually test and perfect new innovative strategies that when successful, are ultimately shared system wide.

From the beginning, our founders understood the importance of not only building a successful business model, but also setting up systems to promote the business relationship between the franchisee and franchisor as mutually beneficial. iTrip® is a checklist driven system that continues to prove itself time and time again. Our ability to replicate the model in markets across North America serves notice to the experience you receive with your investment. Your ability to work with our team of support personnel, to follow our checklists and systems, provides you an insurance plan from making some of the same mistakes we may have encountered through our long history.

iTrip® Vacations has chosen to stay focused on building our vacation rental and property management franchise businesses one local market at a time. With an intense focus on single territory economics, we have found that oftentimes, when executed successfully, our owners can create the lifestyle that was originally their goal. By not spreading ourselves too thin, we have been able to build strong businesses with disproportionate market share leading to stronger margins and greater mutual success; truly a win-win situation.

Is iTrip® Ownership for You?

Let’s work together to determine if there is a fit between us before investing in the future together. This should be an informed business decision. One catch: if we move forward, you have to live in paradise!

Hear from iTrip Franchisees

The business has exceeded my expectations. We are now a seven-figure business...We have exceeded my revenue expectations.

I have seen my territory continually grow. I can operate my business efficiently. I can collect my revenue from my guests in advance, so I don't have to worry about accounts receivable. The sky's the limit on the potential and the market. - Dan Wachter

[I started my business] because I was looking for something that was interesting, challenging, fun and growing. I like iTrip® because there's no business quite like it... This is a business opportunity like no other. The market is growing. The investment is reasonable to get started. It's a good match for my skill set. And I find the growth potential is absolutely phenomenal...I'm impressed with the quality of the people; their skills, their backgrounds are diverse, and they are all professional. I'm impressed with the investment that's going into iTrip® to help me be successful in the business. - John Kennedy