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What does a LearningRx Franchise Cost?

The cost of a LearningRx franchise requires a minimum liquid capital of $75,000 and an initial investment of $175,000. LearningRx is one of the top educational and child brain training franchises in the nation. We change lives every day through the incredible power of our brain training programs! Our one-on-one brain training programs have helped over 100,000 kids & adults with memory, reading & attention.

Total Investment$175,000
Cash Required$75,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

Open a Powerful Education Franchise.

LearningRx brain training centers use intense game-like activities that empower anyone of any age to learn and perform better, faster and easier. Centers identify and strengthen the skills behind how students learn.  We treat the cause rather than the symptoms. LearningRx one-on-one brain training strengthens weak cognitive skills in order to make learning (and life) easier for children and adults. As a LearningRx franchisee, you will be partnering with an educational / tutoring business known as the most loved, trusted and effective brain training program in the world. There is no other program in the world that comprehensively targets the skills needed to learn, think and remember (easier & faster).


LearningRx is one of the top educational and child brain training franchises in the nation. We change lives every day through the incredible power of our brain training programs! Our one-on-one brain training programs have helped over 100,000 kids & adults with memory, reading & attention.

Why Choose LearningRx?

We offer franchise opportunities to individuals from across the professional spectrum and provide training and support to help maximize your success.


When a student struggles year after year, they don’t just need a tutor, they need a brain trainer.

At LearningRx, we find the cause of the struggle and strengthen weak brain skills to turn “I can’t” into “I can”. As a new franchisee, you can have confidence in our programs and results because they are backed by over three decades of dedicated research and development.


As a new franchise owner, you’ll be supported by our Home Office Support team, who are available on an ongoing basis to help ensure you succeed. At LearningRx, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


LearningRx is proud to be the recipient of a wide variety of awards for our franchise opportunity.

Just a few of the recognitions we have received in the last year alone include:

  • Franchise Business Review Top 50 in Franchisee Satisfaction
  • Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises
  • Franchise Development STAR Award Winner—Best Website


Recently, Forbes magazine reported that brain training and cognitive enhancement will soon be a trillion-dollar industry.

Since we have helped over 100,000 clients ranging in age from 5-95 enhance their thinking, learning, and performing, we can appeal to adults and children of almost every age. Unlike other education franchise opportunities, LearningRx helps a wide customer base, increasing the impact you can make on your community.


If becoming a LearningRx Brain Training Center owner sounds like a great opportunity for you, we invite you to learn what it takes to be a successful franchisee.

Explore our franchise opportunity by clicking the 'Request Info' link button below and fill out the form to receive our detailed Information Kit. Someone from our team will reach out to answer your questions and start your process of changing lives for a living.

Offering Both In-Center and Live, Virtual One-on-One Brain Training

With changing educational and business challenges, LearningRx offers a hybrid of in-person and online one-on-one testing and brain training to our clients.

New LearningRx franchisees have the flexibility they need to meet the needs of students and adults in new smaller locations with online capabilities. 

Thank you for your interest in our LearningRx Franchise Opportunity!

Hear from a Franchisee…..

“I had been in the corporate world for 20 years in various sales and marketing roles. I wanted to focus my career on something more meaningful. When my wife and I came across LearningRx, we were really excited, but also skeptical — the program sounded so transformational. Well, we can say now after almost 400 graduates in our centers over the past 3 years that this program is truly transformational. The opportunity to change lives and families through LearningRx has been a real gift and honor to be a part of. We have also been thrilled with the success we have been blessed with."

“Being a LearningRx franchisee has not only brought positive change to the hundreds of families we have worked with, but also to my own. I am so grateful for LearningRx!”  - Rich Frieder, LearningRx-Twin Cities, MN

"After purchasing the existing LearningRx center in Appleton, WI from her sister, Jacci Knutsen was able to begin working closely with her husband and run a business for the first time—running a LearningRx center takes you to places that you didn’t think you could be. You use skills that you didn’t think you had. You’re able to become someone you didn’t know you could be, and offer something that is life changing to people. When people come here, they don’t know where else to turn. They can’t put their finger on what’s wrong. It’s such a joy to give someone hope. And that’s just the greatest thing. The other great benefit is that I get to work with my husband. We are together so much more than we were when he traveled for work. It’s deepened our relationship and made our family stronger."  - Jacci Knutsen, LearningRx-Appleton, WI

"I think a major win for 2021 is that we survived! When other small business companies were crumbling, the LearningRx home office was providing us the tools for success during the entire pandemic shutdown and beyond. They supported us in ways that allowed us to transition quickly to virtual training, they provided help and suggestions as we navigated this unknown journey, and they communicated openly and honestly with us. We survived! We were supported! We made it through the rough patch and have come out on the other side with a nice student load in 2021. This year our theme has been recovery and working towards "normal" again. We are on our way to that goal! And, after a year like 2020, THAT is a win!

“Now, more than ever, parents are looking for real solutions to their child's learning difficulties. The pandemic school shutdowns made parents see, first hand, how much their child really does struggle. I have been able to help parents understand "why" their student is struggling and offer real help beyond just tutoring. This is help that truly hits the root cause and causes the student to have life-changing cognitive growth with proof that transfers outside of our learning center into the child's life at school and home. In a very short time, we get amazing results that parents haven't seen in years of work with teaching alone. It knocks their socks off and the student feels like they can conquer the world. But, for us, the reward is watching that student succeed with confidence as they learn faster and more efficiently and feel so good about themselves again." -Heather Koenig, LearningRx-Indianapolis, IN