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What does a LIME Painting Franchise Cost?

The total investment range for a LIME Painting franchise is $89,550-$115,275. Prospective owners should also have a minimum of $50,000 in liquid cash and a minimum net worth of $150,000. When you bring a LIME Painting franchise into your community, you’re not only providing a high-quality service and product, you’re also going to be the only concept of its kind which provides you with an exceptional, high-growth market.

Total Investment$89,550 - $115,275
Cash Required$50,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

Start a LIME Painting Franchise.

LIME Painting is a values based, high-end painting franchise that focuses on custom residential and commercial interior and exterior painting while acting as a contracting service provider.

LIME Painting is the ONLY franchise that focuses solely on the top 5% of high-end homes and businesses. With practically zero competition, LIME Painting is an all-encompassing painting company that resides in the estimated $400 BILLION Home-Improvement Industry. We pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to educate our clients about their options and to provide them with the maximum value for their money.


A Painting Franchise Where Values Come First, and Subsequently, Business Thrives.

Love. Integrity. Mission. Excellence.
These are the values that make us LIME Painting. Build a values driven business empire with heart led leadership that is inspired by love and service.

The Home Improvement Industry

We provide a successful business model in a unique part of an enormous market. Now it’s time to check out LIME Painting’s numbers.

  • 137.4 million housing units
  • 43.8 million rental properties
  • 80% of homeowners plan on staying in their homes
  • Home remodeling industry is up 4.5%
  • $10,531 average ticket

Reasons Own a LIME Painting Franchise

  • Strong Economics - From 2017 to the end of 2019, our Denver market recorded gross revenues of $5.7 million with net income of $885k!
  • 15 Revenue Streams - With 15 different revenue streams, our Franchise Owners have the ability to generate higher revenues on each job. Our average ticket cost is three times the industry average!
  • Low Cost, Low Overhead, Quick Ramp-Up - With a ramp-up time of 30-90 days, Franchise Owners can start their business for only 90k.
  • No Competition - We are the only painting franchise to serve the high-end, luxury paint market which means our Franchise Owners have virtually no competition.
  • Technology Driven - Our technology platform, LIMEWare, Franchise Owners can rely on a centralized mobile-based platform to gain insight and manage the ins and outs of their home improvement business, making owning a successful business that much simpler.
  • Giving Back - As an organization wanting to do more than just provide a service for money, we created our non-profit, LIME Light Outreach. LIME Light Outreach was created to empower the local youth in our markets through the use of fundraisers, networking, and by building awareness around faith, family, patriotism, and prosperity. LIME Light’s model provides our Franchise Owners with an easy opportunity to give back to their communities without having to dedicate too much time or money.

Ideal Candidates

With a LIME Painting Franchise, Owners do not need painting experience. Most owners will devote the majority of their time to running and managing the business. This is why a strong management background is emphasized. They must also love people, be able to provide excellent customer service, and above all else, have strong values.