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coffee vending business opportunity

Maxx Branding Vending Program featuring Marley Coffee

is seeking candidates for expansion.

What does a Maxx Branding Vending Program featuring Marley Coffee Franchise Cost?

Total Investment$11,000 - $110,000
Cash Required$11,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

Live the life you love and join the Marley Coffee movement as a Marley Coffee Vending Machines business owner. This business is easy to run, has a quality product and an excellent return on investment.


The Maxx Branding Vending Program - A Ground Floor Ground-Breaking Opportunity!

Introducing the Maxx Branding Vending Program featuring Marley Coffee

Maxx Branding is excited to announce their strategic partnership with Marley Coffee a brand which enjoys global recognition as licensed resellers of Marley Coffee Vending Machines and Marley Coffee products.

About the Maxx Branding Vending Program

The Maxx Branding Vending Program offers environmentally sound leading-edge brewing technology that dispenses Marley Premium Gourmet coffee bean to cup. Marley Vending Machines are programmed to allow remote access and operate with a low carbon footprint. The Marley coffee Vending Program brewers also offer quick access so they are easily restocked and maintained. Last but not least, Marley Vending Machines have electronic card readers for our customers and electronic banking for our distributors. No cash or coins!

Maxx Branding is focused on non-coffee shop retail revenue which is projected to exceed $37 Billion by the close of 2015.

Turn a $10 pound bag of premium gourmet coffee into $100.

The worldwide consumption of coffee is undisputed. Coffee has always maintained a universal appeal that transcends income level, ethnicity and religion.

After only restocking your machine, 10-12 times, you will recover 100% of your principal investment. The Distributors keep 100% of the profits and never pay royalty fees.

This is how it's done:

Unit cost = $8,999
Product cost = $10.00/lb (16 oz.) which yields 45 cups
Vending Machine capacity = 550 cups
$2 per cup = $1,100 gross deposits per restock
45 cups @ $2 per cup = $90

Imagine providing premium gourmet coffee without the wait or the high price to consumers on the go.

Earn high margins and change the gourmet coffee business one Marley cup at a time.

Marley Coffee brewed gourmet expresso and coffee shop specialty drinks include:

  • Expresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Mochaccino
  • Gourmet Hot chocolate
  • Black Coffee
  • Cafe Americano
  • Cafe Latte

Cristallo Brewer

The Cristallo 600 is a completely automatic vending machine with high performance, designed to ensure the best quality expresso and to reduce maintenance and service. Technologically advanced and extremely user-friendly, it offers up to 16 different beverages.

Features include:

  • Automatically dispenses cups, sugar and stirrers
  • Saeco Brewing Unit with new pre - heating system Saeco Power Boost: top quality espresso from the first dispensing, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Tilting main plate to allow direct access to all the internal components (Saeco Tilting Plate)
  • Possibility to install 3 payment systems on the door at the same time (Saeco 3 Way Pay)
  • Accepts the most commonly used parallel and serial MDB, BDV and Executive (possible Master and Slave configurations) payment systems
  • Easy ordinary maintenance thanks to the 5 - button keypad as standard
  • Predisposition to fit new powder dispensing system Saeco Easy Dry
  • Customized settings
  • Direct access 16 - button keypad for beverage selection
  • 4 pre selection keys: /- sugar and 2 settable keys (decaffeinated/barley, no - cup and only - cup options)
  • 2 - line, 20 - character alphanumeric display

* Please consult a tax advisor there may be tax benefits associated with the purchase of this equipment

Ideal Program Distributors

Team Maxx is seeking qualified individuals throughout the United States who share the Marley Coffee Vending Program vision of growing the Marley brand and who want to change the coffee business.

The heart and soul of Marley Coffee Vending Program is their distribution network which gives them the ability to place large numbers of vending units and product expeditiously and simultaneously in the most profitable demographic areas.
Distributors will select sites for their Vending Machines in retail stores, office buildings and other types of businesses.