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Mr. Moto Pizza

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How much does a Mr. Moto Pizza Franchise cost?

The Mr. Moto Pizza franchise investment begins with a liquid capital requirement of $50,000 and a total investment of $350,000 to $690,600. With 10 years in the business, your investment includes access to Mr. Moto Pizza's unique experience, premium product and innovative branding. Qualified candidates receive a detailed, easy-to-do pre-opening plan, a chronological franchisee checklist and an efficient kitchen layout. Open your own authentic New York style pizzeria.

Total Investment$350,000 - $690,000
Cash Required$50,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

The U.S. Pizza Industry is Worth Nearly $46 Billion in Revenue!

EVERYONE eats pizza! Mr. Moto Pizza is bringing back the old New York pizzeria experience with a fresh and original twist. Premium pricing and pizza by-the-slice concept have resulted in high profit margins. Over the past 10 years, Mr. Moto Pizza has developed the most efficient, streamlined system of operations to provide success for its franchisees and prevent any possible errors.  As a franchisee, you will benefit from Mr. Moto Pizza’s name recognition and brand awareness which will generate faster revenue growth.

Mr. Moto Pizza offers a highly unique branding approach that separates us from our direct competitors. 

It only took 5 years for Mr. Moto Pizza to become the BIGGEST pizza chain in San Diego, CA with 9 locations! 

Learn more today about owning your own Mr. Moto Pizza. 


Want to join this revolutionary journey of being the first New York style pizzeria with a highly unique branding approach? The “Mr. Moto Experience” which encompasses high quality, entertaining, professional videos and pictures, a logo that is both funny and eye catching, a crafty website with many branded designs, and being recognized as “home of the original stuffed knots”.

What Makes Mr. Moto Pizza the Best?

  • Our branding is immensely differentiated and unique from our direct competitors.
  • Low food cost business model.
  • Premium pricing and pizza by-the-slice concept have resulted in high profit margins.
  • Efficiency in our operational system has equated to low labor costs.
  • Magnificent online presence and tremendous following.

Mr. Moto understands what people want! 

In short, the answer is a distinguishable but understandable concept that has staying power. Mr. Moto has accomplished this through its innovative branding, premium product and unique experience. 

Understanding the business from the bottom up, Mr. Moto has come up with the most efficient system to be able to streamline as much as possible to prevent any possible errors.


Freshness, originality, and quality in our product. Some examples include: our homemade ranch and marinara, fluffy and airy dough, unique drizzles, new pizza creations every month, stuffed knots, and premium toppings.

Menu. Our small and simple menu enables our guests to easily decide what to order. In addition, our displayed food allows our guests to easily see our different pies, pastas and salads. 

Store Design. A cozy New York feel pizzeria exuding of tremendous character inside. Some examples include: brick walls, red mustache doors, funny Mr. Moto pictures, classic rock music, and overall crafty and architectural designs. All Mr. Moto locations have some uniformity in the design, but each store highlights a distinctive feature.

Leverage Mr. Moto’s name and content library to generate immediate brand awareness and faster revenue growth.

Why Franchise With Us 

  • We do NOT look like a franchised business!
  • We conserve the authenticity of a New York pizzeria in conjunction with our modern approach.
  • We have an effective system accompanied with a great support system.
  • We provide a detailed, easy-to-do pre-opening plan.
  • We provide a detailed master franchisee checklist arranged in chronological order.
  • We will assist in an efficient kitchen layout.

Initial Investment 

Mr. Moto Pizza’s initial investment range is between $350,000 - $690,000 depending whether you do a new build out or retro fit an existing space. With the average initial investment in the fast casual industry priced at $625,000, becoming a Mr. Moto Pizza franchisee is a no-brainer. Please refer to item 6 in our FDD for a checklist of all our expenses.

Average Unit Volume

Our Average Unit Volume is $1,300,000. Find out more about your earnings’ potential in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which contains Item 19 that displays Income Statements from Mr. Moto Pizza corporate-owned stores. Section Item 19 can help you understand potential revenue, labor costs, COGS, and profit margins.


Up to 30%

The pizza industry, which is known for being one of the industries with the best profit margins, combined with Mr. Moto Pizza’s by-the-slice concept, will allow you to successfully acquire the best bottom line profits! Please refer to item 19 in our FDD.




This part is easy as pie! Comprehensive hands-on training is provided in each field of the business so that franchisees may have peace of mind in knowing how to do absolutely everything.


Our simple menu and streamlined operations will draw forth efficient management.


EVERYONE eats pizza! Our diverse sales channels enable our business to be a tremendously successful one! Moreover, the uniqueness of our overall concept allows us to be easily distinguishable amongst competitors. Return of investment is typically around 3 years or less. Make money the first day you open and expect an increment in sales each year after opening.


Mr. Moto Pizza’s unique branding and strong online presence helps establish close-knit relationships with customers. Mr. Moto promotes a consistently unique experience with guests’ vs the lackluster experience that a typical restaurant offers.


Mr. Moto Pizza’s impressive growth trends displayed during the first five years of business have demonstrated significant success. The business will continue seeing moderate growth from year 5 until year 10, where the business will ultimately reach maturity level.

Own a Trendy, By the Slice Pizza Franchise….Inquire today about owning your own Mr. Moto Pizza franchise.