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What does a RESTAURANT HEROES Licensor Cost? Sales Index - Top Franchise 2021

To become a certified restaurant advisor with RESTAURANT HEROES, candidates are asked to have a minimum of $10,000 in liquid capital and pay a one-time certification of $19,990. However, this fee has been reduced to only $4,990 for the next 100 certifications. This is a limited opportunity for the summer of 2020. A monthly fee of $450 is required to maintain your Restaurant Hero license.

Total Investment$4,990 limited time offer
Cash Required$10,000
Business TypeLicensor
Target MarketNational

Become a Certified Restaurant Advisor through RESTAURANT HEROES!

Help restaurants achieve peak operating performance and efficiency while earning a great income.

Imagine an exclusive territory where you, the Certified Restaurant Advisor, have sole reseller rights to software that every restaurant needs.

Learn more today.


A Massive, Inefficient Industry Needs Your Help

The restaurant industry is the second largest employer in the country after the government. Over 700,000 "mom and pop" restaurants are established coast to coast.

The restaurant owners are passionate about making great food, but are rarely experts when it comes to running a business. The average restaurant operates at a 10.9% NET profit margin.

They need help from knowledgeable people to put technology to work to increase sales, reduce waste, and manage employee time better. These efficiencies can mean the difference between a successful restaurant, or a closed one.

The Opportunity

By becoming a "Restaurant Hero", you will be uniquely positioned AS A Certified Advisor to restaurants in your market, learning the ins and outs of our “Restaurant Success Playbook.”

When you become a “Restaurant Hero”, we will put you through our extensive online course to learn about these key systems.

Then, we empower you to not only ADVISE local restaurants, but SELL these services to them and earn a residual income for the life of the account.

World-Class Support

We support you every step of the way with our concierge services. If you need any help selling or supporting a client, we’re here to help you save the day!

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Restaurant Hero is a fantastic program, we love working with them all over the country.” – Javier Cadena

“The professionals as Restaurant Hero are a great resource in every community they serve!” – Jaime Oikle

“We trust certified Restaurant Heroes as the exclusive resellers of out gift card services.” – Alex Minicucci

Why Restaurant Hero

Our consulting teams have worked with thousands of businesses across the country with customer retention, customer engagement, business operations, and more.

Operational Excellence -  Leverage 30+ years of restaurant and business operations knowledge on how to turn a business into a machine.
Technology Gurus – Inc. 5000 members provide a suite of tools and services to help you bring restaurants into the new world and implement services that save them time and money.
Industry Insiders – Our team will help you with countless insights into the ins and outs of the restaurant industry.
Small Business Experts – Bring our knowledge with you to assist small to medium-sized businesses establish a flourishing model in the “new normal.”

Hear from Our Heroes

"I am proud to be a Restaurant Hero. I have built a fantastic recurring income while helping to serve and sometimes save the most beloved restaurants in my community.” – Jeff Diedenhofen, CEO Restaurant Hero, CA

“Having serviced in both the military and the service industry, I know what it takes to run a successful restaurant. As a Restaurant Hero, I am again proud to serve.” – PB Sande, CEO Restaurant Hero, NV

Bonus Alert!

For our first 100 Heroes, our license is discounted by 75%.
This is an opportunity to build a great recurring income stream while helping your local small business owners thrive. It’s time to become their Restaurant Hero!