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What does a SignWorld Business Opportunity Cost?

To become a Signworld owner, prospects are asked to have a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital and are prepared for the total investment of $210,000. In return, Signworld owners can follow a key business model and solid investment structure which includes access to a full training program and ongoing support. The Signworld business model is one that has continued to prove itself over the last 31 years.

Total Investment$210,000
Cash Required$100,000
Business TypeBusiness Opportunity
Target MarketNational

Open a Modern Day Sign Business Today.

With 31 years of experience in the sign business and 340 locations through the US and Canada, Signworld has established itself as the leader in the no-royalties and no-rules sign business concept.

As a Signworld owner, you'll have repeat customers and experience higher margins in manufacturing than service, wholesale and distribution. Twenty to 30 of your customers can equal 80% of your revenue. Many of those customers may be regional and even national in scope. And, 50% or more of your new revenue can come from your website.

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Signworld is a customer service based business model focusing on manufacturing quality custom signage for the ever growing business community. From design to manufacturing to installation, Signworld owners are able to provide the very best sign solutions to their customers.


  • Proven business model
  • 32 years' experience
  • No royalties, no rules
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Lifetime Ongoing training and support
  • Scalable business
  • Culture of peer support with a network of 325 owners
  • Large, exclusive territory which contains up to 3,000 businesses
  • Regular business hours
  • Limited turnover
  • Few employees required
  • No loud noises, odors, or dangerous chemicals.
  • Recession resistant


Training includes 4+ weeks of instruction in the following areas:

  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Website/internet presence
  • Pricing
  • Financial
  • Human resources

in addition, Signworld provides on-site training.


Business owners can participate in ongoing weekly webinars covering:

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Website/Internet Presence
  • Pricing
  • Technical and Suppliers for both you and your employees

And will recieve aissistance with:

  • Site selection and lease negotiation
  • Design, layout and decoration consulting

Signworld holds annual conventions that includes 3 days of upgrade training

Ideal Candidates

Signworld business owners do not need to have a background in art or graphic design but do need to possess a passion for running their own business. We recommend owner have the following skills:

  • Some project or operation management experience
  • Netowrking and relationship building skills
  • Time management and delegation skills

If you are a true entrepreneur at heart with the desire to build a legacy but don’t quite know how you want to do it, Signworld could be a great fit for you. Inquire to learn more today!