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Superior Wash

Superior Wash

is seeking candidates for expansion.

What does a Superior Wash Franchise Cost?

Total Investment$70,000 - $90,000
Cash Required$40,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketSee List

Finally, A Recession Resistant Business That is Affordable.

If you're looking for a cleaning franchise that provides a service which companies need in good economic times or bad, then explore this Commercial Fleet Cleaning business today.

Open Superior Wash in any of these available states: AZ, CA, CT, IN, KS, MA, NE, NV, NH, NM, OH, OK, OR, RI, WA.


The Advantages
Why This Industry

  • Low Competition
  • Repeat Business
  • Recession Resistant
  • Affordable
  • Low Franchise Fee
  • Low Startup Costs
  • Financing Available

Partner with a Leader in the Truck Washing Industry

At Last, an Inexpensive Business in a Recession Resistant Industry

With a spotless 28+ year combined record, Superior Wash is an experienced leader in truck washing services which translates into satisfaction, safety and a reassurance that we do a professional job of caring for the vehicles that care for our clients' businesses. Superior Wash is now one of the fastest growing franchises because of the strong relationship we have built with out clients based on a simple concept. All it takes is hard work and exceptional customer service.

A Recession-Proof Business with over 1000 customers across the USA

Many of our clients are large corporations like FedEx, COCA-COLA, BUDWEISER, RYDER, AT&T ETC.. Companies of that size budget for our services years in advance. Keeping the vehicles that boast their company’s brand name clean is crucial to their image. Our washing techniques also prevent detrimental rust damage. Most goods and services are transported via trucks and vans at some point during the distribution process, so our services will always be in high demand regardless of economic factors.

Our Contacts and 28 + Years of Experience in Fleet Washing Fast Tracks our Franchisees Growth

Benefits of the Superior Wash franchise

  • Consistent, continuous cash flow. Most accounts are weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.
  • Customer retention. Most customers stay with you which means you’ll grow every year!
  • The business can be run from your home or office. All crews go out in the “field” to get the job done.
  • Mobile means your advertising isn’t focused on getting customers to come to you, rather you go to them.
  • Make money and keep it. Profit margins are high.There are few expenses.

Average Sales of Franchisees by Fifths for the 2016 Calendar Year

FifthNumber of Franchisees in the FifthAverage Sales# & % of Franchisees that Attained or Exceeded Average SalesRange of Sales
1st9$1,663,4913 or 8.33%$3,680,017 to $727,259.28
2nd9$619,71112 or 26.6%$715,259.82 to $540,481.10
3rd9$347,25521 or 46.6%$546,678.40 to $218,281.76
4th9$162,19131 or 68.6%$206,938.66 to $139,064.65
5th9$71,50837 or 82.2%$115,848.72 to $14,769

Average Sales of Franchisees for the 2016 Calendar Year

Number of FranchiseesAverage Sales# and % of Franchisees who Attained or Exceeded Average Sales
45$572,431.0715 or 33.3%
 $329,631.35Median Sales of the 45 Franchisees

Superior Wash Inc (SWI) provides outstanding support for its franchise network,including:

  • Complete training at its Ft Lauderdale, Florida facility.
  • All accounting services including invoicing and collecting your revenue with our cash-flow program.
  • SWI directly deposits your receivables your business bank account weekly and then collects the money on your behalf.
  • Our National Account list from which to solicit business and ensure that contact is made with every one of our accounts.
  • Quotes, written sales proposals and contact with anyone to whom you want to send a proposal.
  • 24/7 direct connect to our support staff when needing consultation, supplies, troubleshooting and more.
  • A complete equipment package for you to immediately start washing trucks and providing water recovery.

Immediately after you enter our Franchisee Partnership Program:

  1. Our corporate sales team will go to work for you on helping to establish our national accounts in your territory.
  2. After your training, our account sales force will arrive in your area to establish local accounts for your business for a total of 2 weeks. Within 30-45 days after starting your Superior Wash business (on average), you should have about 10-40% of your accounts for your first truck established for you by our Franchisee Support Center staff.*

Anyone who has the drive and motivation can succeed. It's time to go into business for yourself! Start by making the right decision.
*The 10-40% is based on past performance and is no guarantee for future performance.

You’ll Also Receive Comprehensive Support through Various Programs:

  • National Account Fast Start Program – We help establish national accounts for you.
  • Local Acount Fast Start Program– We will send our sales team into your area to establish local accounts for you.
  • Billing and Receivable Support Program – We will do all of the billing and collecting for you, so you can focus in on growing your business.
  • Cash Flow Guarantee Program– We pay you every week for services rendered whether we collect from your accounts or not. This will ensure consistent cash flow.
  • Account Protection Program – Our support center staff will contact your accounts on a weekly basis to see how we are doing and to see if everything is fine. This is a RELATIONSHIP building business and communication is critical.

What are the steps in securing a franchise?

  1. Complete The Franchise Info Form And Get It Back To Us.
  2. Receive Our Franchise Disclosure Document ( F.D.D. )
  3. Return The Receipt Page From The F.D.D.
  4. Secure Financing
  5. Complete Franchise Agreement
  6. Pick A Date To Start Training
  7. Receive Training and Start to Operate Your Franchise

Explore Superior Wash today.