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What does The Menefee Agency Business Opportunity Cost?

Help customers find easy, affordable, and simple life insurance coverage that is personalized to fit their needs. Start your own insurance and financial services agency with The Menefee Agency. The total investment ranges between $50,000 and $100,000 and requires $30,000 in liquid capital. No experience necessary. You’ll receive comprehensive training from the industry’s best agency builders and all the tools you need to start your own agency. 

Total Investment$50,000 - $100,000
Cash Required$30,000
Business TypeBusiness Opportunity
Target MarketNational

Achieve Extraordinary Success with The Menefee Agency.

Have you always wanted to start your own business or own a franchise? Have the upfront costs, the monthly overhead, and the restrictions always held you back? The Menefee Agency might be a good fit for you!

You can be profitable within the first 3 to 6 months and highly profitable in 6 to 12, while most businesses won’t even turn a profit for 3 to 5 years.

Learn more today.


The Menefee Agency, an independent agency within Symmetry Financial Group, is expanding.

Within this already winning system, we’ve developed a coaching system unique to our agency.

It is similar to a franchise system without the franchise tag, upfront cost, ongoing investment, and overhead.

Normally, if you want to own an agency, you build it from the ground up. Our system has all of the tools, resources, business relationships, sales process, and agency building models in place to be successful.

If you plug into that system and follow it to the letter, you will have success. Our unique approach allows you to build an agency as big as you want and the multi-dimensional franchise-like model allows you to set up multiple business units either locally or throughout the country.

Our overhead is low, and compensation on product sales is high. Those following our system and train to the letter, will see gross revenues annually of $250,000 to $500,000 in years 2 to 5, $500,000 to $1,000,000 in years 6 to 8, and multi-million dollar annual revenue in 8+ years.

This is not a shoot for the stars promise or MLM business, your revenue is truly only limited by your willingness to grow and continue developing your system. The top agency in our system is on pace to do $30 million in 2019.

Who is the right fit?

For the first 2 to 4 years, you must be a hands on business builder.

This is not a hired out position. You will be in the field alongside any agents you bring on and meet with clients one on one. This is critical to establishing a strong customer base, and to ensure your profitability is high. You must understand the sales process so you are able to coach and mentor your team as your business grows. This is a relationship business, both in clientele and in team building.  It requires someone who enjoys making those connections.

Must show track record of success – show financial means - adhere and agree to core values – pass background screenings – be selected from candidates after an extensive screening and interview process.

Core Values

  • Relationships matter, people come first
  • Relentless pursuit of personal growth
  • Open, honest, and productive communication
  • We do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • We work as a true team and strive to be a positive influence
  • We act like owners because we own it
  • Being of service and doing good in the world
  • We have fun and we get stuff done

Benefits of Joining The Menefee Agency

  1. Proprietary sales system
  2. Proprietary CRM and lead management
  3. Virtual mentor
  4. Fast track training
  5. Marketing and recruiting assistance
  6. Ongoing support
  7. One-on-one mentorship
  8. Weekly training calls and webinars
  9. Local, regional, and national training events

Don't build an agency from the ground up by yourself. By joining the Menefee Agency, you'll have 50 years of highly successful industry experience behind you. Inquire today.

Please note: The Menefee Agency is an independent agency part of the Symmetry Financial Group of agencies.  We have taken that system and created the Franchise-like process to build duplicatable agencies within this winning culture.  Can you become a part of Symmetry independently?  Yes and no.  If you were to contact the Symmetry home office and they were unaware you found this information here, they would randomly assign you to one of the many independent agencies within the system to pair up and start your business.  We love all of our partner agencies within Symmetry and fully believe if you become part of this system with any of them, you can succeed.  That being said, our approach to agency building is different than others and highly unique.  Our Franchise style approach to establishing agencies, coaching the system in the same way, and creating a duplicatable model for this process put us in a unique position within Symmetry Financial Group to help you build a true agency business from day one, not come in as a salesperson and hope to eventually start an agency.  We are highly intentional in our process that has a detailed roadmap laid out for any new business owner to know exactly where they are starting, where they are going, and how they are getting there.