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VINCI Academy

VINCI Academy

is seeking candidates for expansion.

What does a VINCI Academy Licensor Cost?

Total Investment$50,000 - $250,000
Cash Required$50,000
Business TypeLicensor
Target MarketSee List

Make a Living Making a Difference in the Lives of Children

Join the VINCI Academy team; a rapidly growing company recognized and highly honored by leading educational organizations for its education content.

This turn-key operation will give you all the tools you need to run a successful private school so that you can make a difference in children's lives, maximizing each child's potential by offering education services that are scientific, holistic, experiential, accountable and relevant to each individual child's need.

Open VINCI Academy in any of these available states: CT, DE, FL, GA, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, SC, VT, VA, WV, DC.


VINCI Academy is a business line of VINCI Education; a global company providing educational services to families with children from infants to school age. VINCI Academyis branded for all licensed businesses operating an educational facility delivering services to children aged from birth to kindergarten. VINCI Academy follows VINCI Education's award-winning early childhood curriculum and operating procedures for maximizing the growth potential of each child, academically and socially.

Through its owned, co-owned and affiliated schools and learning centers, VINCI Education currently serves over 50,000 children and their families world-wide.

VINCI Academy Offers:

Curriculum and Lesson Plans - The blended learning components include a combination of the world's best practices; Montessori materials, Reggio inspired creative learning centers, and developmentally appropriate technology used for teaching and assessment purposes.

VINCI Connected Learning Data System - a management system enabling Personalized Learning Planning through data. A complete set of metrics characterizing each child's developmental status, from language development to scientific thinking, serves as the foundation for each child's journey at VINCI Academy. Teachers input observation and evaluation per designed lesson units and learning objectives. Parents log on daily through their phones, tablets or computers to be kept in the loop constantly in their children's development, and continue the conversation/learning once the child is at home. Personalized Learning Objectives are set periodically. Teachers and parents work as a team to support children one at the time.

Digital content including games, books and videos - VINCI Academy has proprietary digital lessons that are endorsed by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and have received numerous educational awards. Lessons are accompanied by VINCI Little Books and one or more of our vast library of songs and videos. Many videos have become YouTube hits with millions of viewers.

Training on curriculum and operations - Our extensive training program provides owners and teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully run a VINCI Academy. The initial 3-day training involves a site visit by one of our certified trainers. A combination of lecture and practical application is applied. The site visit also audits to ensure classrooms are set up to VINCI Education's standards as to maximize learning potential. Follow-up training sessions are administered throughout the year to reinforce VINCI Education's principles and to ensure standards are met.

Ongoing support and quality assurance

Annual conference and knowledge share - Business owners will attend an annual conference held at one of VINCI Education’s North American office locations
for a multi-day event. Participants will be given follow-up training, attend guest speaker lectures, and discuss best of breed practices to better grow and operate their businesses.

Brand recognition - VINCI is a brand known to US consumers, thanks to its partnership with Sid the Science Kid, a PBS early learning program and its product integration in Iron Man 3.  Our YouTube channels collected over 100 Million visits over the last 3 years. It has also a large fan base on Facebook in excess of 50,000.  VINCI Education supports its owned or co-owned schools in US, Canada and China, serving as models and providing training to new center operators.

Industry Facts

  1. The human brain matures to 80% by the age of 5
  2. Early experiences shape a person’s attitude, behavior and skills
  3. The world is becoming more and more competitive, demanding not only skills but also a variety of abilities from each person such as communication, time-management, coping with stress, planning, innovation
  4. Less than half of American children are ready for school by the age of 6 (see chart in carousel above)

VINCI Academy offers multiple license types:

  1. VINCI Academy - Full/Half Day Infant to Pre-K
  2. VINCI Blended Learning Centre - Blended Tutoring Center (preschool to middle school)
  3. “Powered by ViNCi” which includes curriculum & data system only

Ideal VINCI Academy Candidates have experience in:

  • Administration, Management or Operations
  • Teaching
  • Business
  • Leadership skills

Candidates are also willing to dedicate themselves on a full time basis to this business and have access to high quality talent pool in ECE

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