Here’s the manual we’ve all been waiting for …

By Tracy Mallette November 4, 2011

We’ve found a great new resource that answers all of your questions about buying a franchise. So, naturally, it’s called The Franchise Buyers Manual.

Ed Teixeira, founder of, which publishes a weekly franchise newsletter, has just released the manual. With more than 33 years of franchise industry experience, as both a franchisee and franchise executive who met with hundreds of franchise candidates, nobody is more qualified to give this advice than Ed.

He has compiled what he’s learned over the years into one handy guide to help anyone interested in franchising find and evaluate the franchise opportunity that best meets their personal, financial and business profile. It includes a disk with a sample Franchise Disclosure Document, guest articles and several financial worksheets. There is also an ROI and break-even calculator that can be used to perform a financial evaluation for specific franchises. The whole guide is also available immediately as a digital download.

If you’re considering a franchise, The Franchise Buyers Manual contains a much-needed wealth of information in one place. For more information regarding the manual or other franchising information, visit

If you purchase the manual, we’d love to know what you think.

It can be frustrating trying to franchise without a comprehensive guide like this. Do you have a franchising experience to share that would’ve gone much smoother if this resource were available earlier?

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