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How to Identify a Good Franchise Opportunity

How to Differentiate Between a Trend and Cutting Edge Franchise Idea?

By June 4, 2019

Trends come and go, but cutting-edge franchise concepts stand the test of time. We have all seen franchises that try to capitalize on short-term consumer trends, but the best are built on solid products and services that are successfully molded over time to sustain consumer interest. So, how can you tell cutting-edge franchise ideas from mere trends?

New franchise concepts

Here are key characteristics of quality franchise opportunities.

The Franchisor isn’t just Experienced, It’s Proven

A good franchise idea comes from a franchisor who knows the ins and outs of the industry. One telltale check is to see if the franchise operates non-franchised locations. This way, you will see for yourself if the franchisor has managed to replicate the business with franchise owners.

This way, you will see for yourself is the franchisor has managed to replicate the franchise idea. With an experienced franchisor, you should get the support, training and help you need, when you want it.

The Franchise Meets a Need

When evaluating new franchise opportunities, it is important to know if there is an actual long-term need for the service, product or solution that the franchise delivers.

Specifically, does the service or product help offer a solution to consumers? You may want to get direct feedback from consumers. After all, the greatest way to check if your target audience will be interested in your upcoming business is to ask them directly.

If the customers’ needs have already been met by someone else, ask yourself if the franchise idea can help do it better. On the other hand, trends only meet immediate needs, and won’t deliver long-term value to the consumer.

The Franchise Idea can be Replicated in your Target Location

It doesn’t matter how good a franchise idea is, only how good the business is for your local market. Is there a market for the product or service in your area? Some trends are only hot in specific geographic or demographic markets.

Provides Training and Support

Experienced franchise systems have a training program for their new franchise owners and ongoing support for their existing network. Thus, a cutting-edge franchise has resources in place to help you get the business off the ground.


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