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Franchises Over $200k

Some of the most iconic brands are franchises that cost over $200,000. They require larger investments usually because there are more costs associated with opening your location (for instance large footprints, building and/or land costs). Ongoing support and training is another reason why a franchise is more expensive than a business opportunity. The following businesses cost over $200,000 and are looking for new owners to help them expand across the United States. If you are interested in taking the next step to learn more about any of the following companies simply select them by tapping “get free info” and completing your request for information by first tapping the “request now” button.

Hounds Town USA

As one of the most affordable doggy daycare opportunities on the market, generate a strong ROI while changing the lives of dogs in your community!

Cash Required: $200,000

Category: Pet Franchises

The Wendy's Company

Wendy’s® and its franchisees opened nearly 250 new restaurants across the globe in 2023. Together, we employ hundreds of thousands of people across more than 7,000 restaurants worldwide. Joining the Wendy's family as a franchisee opens the door to new…

Cash Required: $500,000

Category: Food Franchises

All Dry - Restoration and Cleanup

Since opening in 2014, All Dry Services has been dedicated to assisting homeowners who are dealing with the aftermath of disasters. All Dry offers franchise owners a proven model in a recession-proof industry. To take the next step in becoming part of a team…

Cash Required: $200,000

Category: Cleaning & Maintenance

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At first, it's easy to see the requirement of a significant upfront investment as a bad thing for your next business venture. After all, why would you want to spend more than $200K to start your business when plenty of franchises are available for far less? As it turns out, there are some notable benefits to investing more at the start if you can make it work. Consider the following points as potential motivation to look into franchise options beyond the $200K mark.

Raise the Ceiling

When you invest more money to start your new business, you'll likely be entering a market with the potential for more significant rewards. In other words, investing in an affordable franchise with minimal upfront costs will typically put a ceiling on how much you can earn with that business. By going bigger from the start, the possibilities for what you could accomplish dramatically increase.

Access to Additional Support

One thing that your added investment may buy you is more robust support from the franchise itself. With more information available, and more access to people who can help answer questions and get you moving in the right direction, the entire process may be more enjoyable – and more successful. Of course, spending less on a franchise may mean that you are primarily on your own, and that isn't the experience that every franchisee is looking for when starting a business.

Buy the Brand Name

On this last point, it's simple: better brands can command a heftier price tag. If you want to work with one of the top brand names in your targeted industry, you'll need to spend more money to get started. Those franchises know the value they've developed in the form of a brand name, and they aren't going to allow just anyone to use that brand name without making a significant investment.

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