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Cell Phone Repair

CPR® Cell Phone Repair

is seeking candidates for expansion.

What does a CPR® Cell Phone Repair Franchise Cost?

The total investment to open your own Cell Phone Repair franchise is $55,650-$170,500. Prospective owners are asked to have $75,000 in liquid capital and in return CPR provides numerous benefits and programs to help you successfully run an electronic product sales and repair service business. You can have access to: Operational & Technical Training/Certification, Preferred Supplier Pricing, Aggressive Lead Generation Programs, Advanced Operational Technology and National Account Relationships.

Total Investment$55,650 - $170,500
Cash Required$75,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

CPR is the Nation’s Largest Mobile Repair Franchise.

The cell phone and mobile device repair category is exploding and Cell Phone Repair (CPR®) dominates the industry. Selecting your franchise partner is an important decision, and our growth is a testament to our brand, business model and benefits.

With the price of devices increasing, consumers no longer want to throw away their gadgets. Today’s devices are less disposable and consumers are more likely to have them repaired. Electronic device repair is a $4 billion industry and is projected to grow annually by 3.4%.

Join this multi-billion dollar electronic product sales and repair industry and open your own Cell Phone Repair franchise; an affordable retail concept with quick build out. 


By joining the CPR franchise network, you will be able to provide customers in your community with comprehensive, “while-you-wait” repair services for electronics of all makes and models.

Become a go-to expert. With an established POS system, supply chain partners, and a certified training program, joining the CPR franchise network is a no-brainer for techies and entrepreneurs alike.


  • Used smartphones generates more than #17 billion
  • The average value per device is $140
  • US only drone sales are projected to be $17.5BN 2017 2021 (Goldman)
  • CPR has entered into an exclusive partnership with ZAGG to provide same day warranty replacements for their InvisibleShield product. In 2017, 2.75m warranty claims were submitted and only 700,000 processed in franchise locations.
  • $8 billion spent annually by US schools on hardware & software
  • More than 23 million devices deployed to grades K-12

CPR Services and Products


  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Game systems
  • Drones
  • Other relevant technology such as:
    • Tune up and diagnostic services
    • Security Services
    • Remote Support Services
    • Cloud Backup Services
    • Data Recovery Services
    • Hardware Repair Services
    • Premier Tune Up Services
    • Virus Removal Services
    • System Reload Services

Retail Product Categories

CPR’s historical focus has been heavily weighted to the service side of the business. While cases, chargers, tempered glass and other phone accessories are a key part of every CPR location, we are focused on substantially growing our retail product offerings.We have conversion stores with >60% of revenue coming from device sales. We are focused on growing the following product categories:

a) Small battery sales - The battery lite program has been constructed to target high margin small batteries sales. Product consists of small batteries, common use batteries and specialty batteries for use in watches, garage door openers, car remotes, hearing aids, range finder’s (golf), specialty flashlights etc. Battery installations on watches, car remotes and garage door openers are quick and help boost the overall margins.

b) Pre owed device sales -Demand for used smartphones is growing rapidly. There isn’t an established leader (Brick & Mortar) in used smartphone sales in North America. CPR's new program features inventory floor planning, consumer financing and device warranties. This brings a significant opportunity to increase volume of customer visits to CPR franchise locations through warranty replacements that will lead to up selling on accessories, repair services, and more.

c) Drone sales - Drone shipments are expected to grow to 29M by 2021 (Business Insider)

d) Cases

e) Chargers / cables

f) Tempered glass

g) Headphones

h) Bluetooth speakers


  1. Huge addressable market
  2. Less than 4% of CPR’s sales today
  3. CPR is well positioned
  4. Professional/ local retail footprint
  5. Thicker margins than phone repair
  6. Sell to existing customers (CLV)
  7. Best in class solution offerings
  8. Utilizes industry leading software for managing point of sales activities, customers’ records, inventory management, repair tracking, employee time clock and integrates with Quickbooks.


Technology constantly changes. To keep up with new models, products and services Cell Phone Repair provides routine training for franchise owners and managers. Currently, the following programs are offered:

  1. Monthly New Owner/Manager Training
  2. Monthly Basic Technical Training
  3. Advanced Soldering Training
  4. Master Technician / Board level Training
  5. Online Drone Training
  6. Computer Services Training
  7. Weekly Best Practices Training
  8. Quarterly Online Technical Certification Training


Cell Phone Repair guides new owners through every step of the on boarding process when opening a new store and is assigned an On boarding Coordinator. CPR will guide you through a six step process:

  1. Site selection
  2. Store build out
  3. Administrative setup
  4. Procurement and hiring
  5. Marketing
  6. Soft Opening

Awards and Accolades

#26 Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 List
Top 7 Tech Franchise - Entrepreneur
Top 10 Fastest Growing Tech Franchises - Entrepreneur

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