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What does a Medical Office Setup Franchise Cost?

Medical Office Setup (MOS) is surprisingly affordable. Medical Office Setup can create your healthcare practice for as little as $35,000. The expert consultants help with the business so you can focus on the medicine! Medical Office Setup specializes in serving multi-specialty groups and behavioral health agencies with emphasis on office based opioid treatment. MOS builds strategies and implements systems for success to meet and exceed your goals!

Total Investment
Cash Required$50,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target Market National

Creates a Profitable Healthcare Practice in 90 Days.

Even if you've never spent a day working in healthcare, you can open and operate a practice as an absentee owner. Medical Office Setup is a experienced in the healthcare sector and the knowledgeable consultants create your healthcare practice for you. Medical Office Setup does everything to make this the most comprehensive turnkey opportunity available.

We establish your office, create the branding, and include an expert manager that will work hands-on to make your business a success in its first months.

This literally makes it possible for ANYONE to own, enjoy, and profit from their own successful healthcare business. Learn more today.

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Medical Office Setup is the Highly Successful TURNKEY Service.

Healthcare is one of the most profitable and needed industries in the world. The earnings are legendary, potentially even for the small solo practice.

But how can you own your own healthcare business? Even for those with extensive experience in the industry, starting a new healthcare business requires a complex set of skills. You've got to know how to enroll in state Medicaid and managed care organizations, create accepted medical billing and coding systems, and find and train a range of staff members.

This is perfect for investors, business owners, and anyone else who wants to participate in the highly respected healthcare sector. With your expert manager at the helm, you can watch your business from a distance. You can operate other businesses or enjoy retirement. Your designated expert manager will make sure the day to day is taken care of.

Everything Needed to Establish Your Business in Less Than 90 Days

MOS operates on a standard 4 month term. Our years of experience make it possible for us to create your business and get it ready for opening day in record time. This includes company formation, estimated financial reports, business plan, choosing your office location, insurance company enrollments, licenses, and staffing and training.

We also create policies, procedures, and fee schedule, HIPPA compliance, setup your payroll, design the office, take care of medical billing and coding, setup and train for electronic healthcare records, design the logo, branding, create your website, SEO so patients can find you, and a lot more.

Anyone who has started their own healthcare business knows this is a ton of work that can take years for even experienced people to accomplish. Our team specializes in getting it all done correctly and quickly. Your new business not only comes together without a hitch, it's designed for success. You get to skip over many of the hard knock lessons of developing and perfecting a healthcare business. This is the smart way to get started. It will save you lots of money and headaches. We speed your business toward the rapidly approaching day when profits begin rolling in.

We get your business fully setup in just 90 days or less. Then it can take 2 or 3 months longer to fully staff your office and get it ready to open to the public.

This is exceptionally fast and efficient for beginning a new healthcare business. You get the impressive benefit of our many years of experience and strong track record consulting healthcare startups.

The cost is surprisingly affordable. We create your healthcare startup for as little as $35,000. Compare to what most others spend in their early stages and it's simply astonishing this much can be accomplished at such a high level.

Please inquire today. Take the first step to get started with your own healthcare business.