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Starbucks Franchise


What does a Starbucks Franchise Cost?

Unfortunately Starbucks is not a franchise so therefore you may not outright own one. But you can open a Starbucks as a licensor. The total investment is approximately $315,000. Starbucks prefers licensing to keep control over the stores and the product's quality. As a licensee, you would rent the Starbucks brand for a licensing fee and would not own the store as a franchise owner would.

Total Investment$315,000
Cash Required$0
Business TypeLicensor
Target MarketNational

Give Customers the Ultimate Coffeehouse Experience.

Starbucks is one of the most popular and recognized brands in the coffee industry. The coffee shop chain has 10,000 stores worldwide with approximately 4,400 of them as licensed shops. Starbucks franchises are available overseas in countries excluding the United States and Canada. If you’d like to open a Starbucks in the US or Canada, you may do so as a licensee only. As a licensee, you would pay a license fee to use the Starbucks brand. Starbucks does this so the company can have more control over stores and quality of the product.

Perfect for experienced entrepreneurs!



Owning a Starbucks Licensed Store allows you to offer customers premium coffee and tasty, customized beverages using specialty brands of coffee, teas and syrups.


  • Create a community-gathering place for Starbucks core customers while on the road, at work and at play
  • Offer the handcrafted espresso and blended beverages consumers love and crave
  • Offer high-quality, great-tasting food items that create perfect pairings and can increase ticket averages
  • Take advantage of continuous product and operational innovation

Starbucks helps licensed stores with many aspects of the business including:

  • Store design
  • The Starbucks menu
  • Equipment
  • Training and support
  • Food
  • Promotions
  • Onsite visits

Your Business

Discover how Starbucks can enhance your existing business be it in on of the following venues:

  • Business
  • University
  • Fine dining
  • Government or military facility
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel and lodging
  • Travel and recreation

Platforms and Products:

Learn about the specific products and programs available to you:

  • Licensed stores
  • Brewed Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Blended and Frozen drinks
  • Premium Self Serve
    • On the Go Kiosk - ideal for more than 150 beverages/day.
    • Single-Cup Brewer - ideal for more than 50 beverages/day. Dispensed coffee, iced coffee, chai latte and hot chocolate
  • Ready to drink - bottled beverages: frappuccino, iced coffee, iced tea, energy drink

If you already own a business or location that can help Starbucks reach a new demographic, reach out about adding a Starbucks to your location.