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Photography Businesses

There are many exciting franchise opportunities in the Photo & Video niche. These opportunities range from technology-oriented businesses, such as digital surveillance to highly personal services, such as art lessons—and recreational franchises, such as video game retailers. Other franchises in this category include photography franchises, wedding-related franchises, digital video franchises, DVD rental franchises, and more. You do not typically need industry experience to own a franchise in this category.

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Cash Required: $30,000

Category: Photography & Video

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Cash Required: $60,000

Category: Photography & Video

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Cash Required: $100,000

Category: Photography & Video

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Why Start a Photo or Video Franchise?

Entering the photography and video space has never been more accessible, thanks to the rapid development of technology. Today, quality camera equipment is within reach for most people, even without making a massive investment. Running a photography or video franchise is a great way to get involved in a field that you love while building a profitable business at the same time.

Popular Photography & Video Franchise Categories

There are a variety of directions you can go when entering the photography and video market as a franchisee. Some popular categories within this market include:

Video Rental

The video rental business has changed dramatically in recent years, but this remains a viable franchising opportunity for the right owner. While walk-in video rental stores are few and far between today, kiosk-based businesses are going strong. This is a business model that has great passive income potential, as there is minimal hands-on work to be done once the kiosks are in place.


Most people can quickly snap a picture on their phone these days, but those kinds of photos don’t have the same quality as a professional portrait. Offering this service to a variety of customers including schools, businesses, and individual families, will allow you to show off your photography skills while earning a living. By choosing to enter the crowded photography space as part of a franchise, you will immediately have something that separates you from the competition.


The possibilities for a videography franchise business are nearly endless. With the exploding popularity of video on the web today, countless businesses need videography services to create ads and other types of promotional content. Specializing in a particular type of videography may allow you to carve out a niche in your local area for yourself. Just like with photography, there is a lot of competition here, so using the franchise angle is an appealing way to get started.

Also in Photography & Video:Dvd Game Rental

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