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Retail franchises sell goods or merchandise from a fixed location, such as a mall, kiosk or free-standing building. The retail category encompasses franchises and business opportunities from a wide variety of industries, including clothing, food, beverages, automotive products and services, dollar stores, and more. Please peruse this category to find the right retail business for you, and benefit from a proven business system and well-recognized name brand.

Phoenix Ecom

We build and scale Amazon stores for our clients by helping automate all inventory management tasks from account health monitoring to 24/7 customer service. Learn more now

Cash Required: $40,000

Category: Retail Franchises

Amazon FBA Automation

We build, manage & scale Amazon FBA stores for clients seeking a completely automated stream of passive income. We leverage international partnerships with wholesale suppliers and use an in-house team of digital marketing analysts to find, acquire & sell…

Cash Required: $25,000

Category: Retail Franchises

Automated Ecom Profits - Amazon FBA

Want to own an ecommerce Amazon business without all the hassle of running one yourself? We build, manage and scale Amazon FBA stores for our clients who are looking for a completely automated stream of passive income.

Cash Required: $40,000

Category: Retail Franchises

World Gym

By investing in a World Gym franchise, you benefit from a renowned & globally recognized fitness brand in a rapidly growing industry. Our subscription-based revenue model offers multiple revenue streams & is supported by proven systems, ensuring your success.

Cash Required: $400,000

Category: Retail Franchises


Today's busy lifestyles demand the services PostalAnnex+ offers. Capitalize on this demand and open your own business!! After retiring from the printing business PostalAnnex+ founder Jack Lentz began working out of his home as a business consultant. He…

Cash Required: $70,000

Category: Retail Franchises

Be Part of the Solution!

Join the healthy vending revolution with Healthy YOU Vending! Since 1999 we have helped thousands of operators position themselves in their respective markets as vending professionals in this exciting $43 Billion dollar industry. The demand for healthy food…

Cash Required: $60,000

Category: Retail Franchises

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Popular Retail Franchise Categories

Selling goods in a retail store is a timeless business venture that has been in practice for centuries. While trends come and go, the concept of selling goods to a consumer market from a physical location is here to stay. Opening a retail franchise affords you the opportunity to skip the time usually required to build brand recognition in your local market.

Retail is an extremely broad category with countless potential businesses that could fit within its definition. Below are just a few examples of popular types of retail franchises that you may wish to consider:

Clothing & Fashion

Not everyone has an eye for fashion. If you do, turning that passion into a career could be a life-changing experience. The clothing market is notoriously difficult to conquer, which is why opting for the franchise model can be so appealing.

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Dollar Store

If you want your retail store to appeal to the largest possible audience, consider the dollar store model. By selling goods at such a low price point, you won’t be excluding anyone from being a potential customer.

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Gifts & Specialty Retail

Running a retail location is a great way to dive deep into a market that you are already interested in on a personal level. Many business owners in the gift or specialty retail space got started because they had an interest or experience with a certain type of item. With so many franchise options available, you should be able to find one that lines up with your vision.

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The vending category is a unique take on the concept of a retail franchise. Instead of an actual store, you’ll be placing vending machines in various locations in and around your city. This is a particularly appealing business model for the owner who plans to run this franchise as a part-time endeavor at first.

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