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Homeowners are always seeking new ways to improve the value of their homes. Tap into this market through purchasing a concrete and paving franchise. You supply sales and customer service skills and the franchisor will provide you with training, tools and support to start and grow your business. Using products and services such as concrete restoration, decorative asphalt and concrete landscaping edging, you'll be helping consumers and business owners improve their properties. Explore the wide variety of franchises and business opportunities for sale in this category by clicking on the links below and remember to inquire to multiple opportunities to learn which business is right for you.

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It's easy to overlook concrete's prominent role in the modern world, but this material is everywhere. The ubiquitous use of concrete throughout cities across the country, combined with the power of the franchising model, makes a concrete franchise an exciting and interesting business opportunity.

How Much Concrete Work is Available?

Consider this: Annually, in the United States, roughly $50 billion worth of concrete is produced. While it is true that some of that is the work of massive corporations, there is still plenty of concrete work left to be handled by smaller players in the market. So, with a compelling marketing strategy and efficient operation of the business, you can be sure that the potential for a thriving venture exists within this space.

Get Off to a Fast Start

It's no secret that the early days are when that business is most likely to fail. Simply put, many new businesses find it hard to get traction in the market, and, as a result, their bills pile up faster than they can pay them. So with that said, you can give yourself a leg up by pairing with a franchise to start your new concrete business. Since the franchise will already have some valuable assets in place for you to leverage, like marketing plans and product/service offerings, you won't face the challenge of building everything from the ground up.

Instant Experience

Along the same lines as above, choosing to open a franchise location rather than an independent concrete business is a great way to access "instant experience." Instead of spending years on your own learning the ropes, you'll be able to learn directly from those who have "been there, done that." And, in an industry like concrete, where experience matters, access to such insider knowledge can make all the difference in the world.

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