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Decoding the Age Demographics in Food Franchising: A Competitive Insight


Entering the food franchising world is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. While much attention is usually paid to customer demographics, market trends, and the franchise's brand strength, there's another crucial aspect that often gets overlooked—understanding your competition, specifically, other aspiring franchisees.

Our latest data sheds light on the age demographics of individuals interested in food franchising, offering a rare glimpse into who you're up against. This article aims to decode these age demographics by focusing on key website metrics like page views, average time spent on page, and bounce rates.

Why should you care? Because each age group interacts with food franchising opportunities in its unique way. Understanding these patterns not only gives you a competitive edge but also helps you tailor your approach as you enter this dynamic industry.

2023 Food Category Website Data

Age GroupPercent of Page ViewsAvg. Time on PageBounce Rate
18-2443.17%59 seconds47.62%
25-3418.60%66 seconds53.33%
35-4419.32%49 seconds50%
45-549.66%60 seconds75%
55-649.25%49 seconds38.46%

18-24: The Young Enthusiasts


Leading the entire age spectrum with 43.17% of the total page views in our Food category, this age group has a strong appetite for exploring food franchising opportunities. However, their average time spent on the page is just shy of a minute, which suggests that while they are interested, they might be in the early stages of their research.

Why This Matters

The significant interest from this young demographic could indicate a highly dynamic and evolving market. Given that many are likely still exploring, you have an opportunity to set yourself apart with a more committed approach.

25-34: The Thorough Researchers


When it comes to deeply engaging with the content, no one does it better than this age group. Their average time on the page is one minute and six seconds, indicating a careful review of the information presented. Yet, they also have a bounce rate of 53.33%, suggesting a readiness to act.

Why This Matters

Their time commitment suggests that they are serious about the food franchising world and are likely conducting thorough research. Despite this, their bounce rate leaves room for committed individuals to step in, as many in this group could be exploring multiple avenues.

food franchise owner

35-44: The Balanced Act


This age group seems to be the epitome of balance. They account for 19.32% of total page views and have a precise 50% bounce rate on pages in our Food category. This suggests they're absorbing information but also weighing their options carefully.

Why This Matters

The balanced metrics from this age group suggest they could be at a decision-making stage. If you've been on the fence, this could be the time to act, as your commitment might give you a competitive advantage.

45-54: The Quick Assessors


This group has the highest bounce rate at 75%, despite spending an average of a full minute on the page. This implies that they evaluate the information swiftly and decide whether or not a food franchise is for them very quickly.

Why This Matters

The high bounce rate could be indicative of a less crowded competitive field from this age group. This opens up opportunities for individuals who are already convinced that food franchising is a viable path for them.

55-64: The Careful Observers


With the lowest bounce rate of just 38.46%, this age group is taking their time to sift through the information. They make up 9.25% of total page views and spend an average of 49 seconds on pages in our Food category, suggesting a more deliberate approach.

Why This Matters

A low bounce rate suggests that these individuals are likely to stick around, making them strong competitors. However, their careful approach also implies that they value well-researched and thought-out entries into the food franchising market.

Franchise Opportunities

Barberitos offers a versatile menu and atmosphere that appeals to a wide age range, making it an attractive franchise opportunity for those looking to cater to diverse customer preferences. Its commitment to fresh ingredients and customizable options can resonate with both younger and older audiences, adding to its business appeal.

CRAVE Hot Dogs and Barbecue provides a family-friendly environment and a menu that caters to a broad spectrum of taste preferences, making it an excellent franchise opportunity for all age groups. Its diverse offerings, from classic hot dogs to barbecue favorites, can attract a wide-ranging audience, adding to its potential for success.


Understanding the age demographics of potential competitors can offer invaluable insights as you consider entering the food franchising market. From the young enthusiasts who are just dipping their toes into this dynamic industry to the careful observers who are taking a more measured approach, the landscape is both diverse and full of opportunities.

So what's next? Use this data to your advantage. Whether it's seizing the opportunity in an age bracket with a high bounce rate or doubling down on your research to compete with the most engaged age groups, the choice is yours to make.

Remember, knowledge is power. The more you understand your competition, the better equipped you'll be to carve out your own success in the food franchising world.

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