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Where to Franchise: Navigating Food Franchising Across the States


As you contemplate entering the food franchising market, understanding the geographical landscape can offer critical advantages. This article hones in on Virginia, North Carolina, New York, and Missouri, providing you with key metrics and insights to guide your franchising decisions. From consumer engagement levels to market competition, we've got you covered.

2023 Food Franchising Data

StateAverage Time on PageBounce RateNumber of Quick-Service Restaurants in 2021
Virginia33 seconds66.67%6,718
North Carolina51 seconds50%9,710
New York46 seconds53.85%16,784
Missouri51 seconds50%4,527

Virginia: Where Early Interest Meets Opportunity


Virginia's audience is characterized by its quick browsing habits, with an average page time of just 33 seconds on our website’s Food category pages. Coupled with a high bounce rate of 66.67%, it appears that many are still in the exploratory phase of their franchising journey. Interestingly, the state has a relatively low number of quick-service restaurants, with only 6,718 in operation in 2021.

Why This Matters

The high bounce rate and short average time on the page may suggest that Virginians are just beginning to explore the world of food franchising. This early interest creates a window of opportunity for newcomers to make a lasting impression in a market that's not as saturated. If you're considering starting a franchise and want to enter a market where you can quickly build brand awareness, Virginia offers promising prospects.

North Carolina


In North Carolina, prospective franchisees are not merely passing through; they are engaging, reflected by an average page time of 51 seconds. Despite the state already hosting 9,710 quick-service restaurants, this deep engagement suggests a well-informed audience eager for more options.

Why This Matters

North Carolina's metrics reveal a population that's not just large in number but also deeply interested in food franchising. If you're planning to bring an innovative or specialized food franchise to life, North Carolina's engaged and abundant market could be the ideal setting.

new york landscape

New York: The Arena for Standout Franchises


New York is a bustling hub of food culture and business, home to a staggering 16,784 quick-service restaurants in 2021. This high number suggests a potentially saturated market, teeming with competition but also abundant in opportunity.

Why This Matters

The sheer volume of restaurants indicates that New York is a state with high consumer demand for quick and convenient dining options. To succeed in New York, your franchise needs to offer something exceptional—whether that's a unique culinary experience, a strong brand, or an innovative service model. If you're looking to make a big impact in the food franchising world, conquering the New York market could be your crowning achievement.



Missouri's audience exhibits strong engagement, with an average page time of 51 seconds on our Food category pages. This comes in a market with only 4,527 quick-service restaurants, making it one of the less saturated states in this analysis.

Why This Matters

Missouri presents an intriguing proposition: an engaged audience in a market that isn't overcrowded with restaurants. This could suggest that consumers in Missouri are actively looking for something different or new to add to their dining options. If you've been considering a franchise that offers something unique or tailored to a specific audience, Missouri offers fertile ground for planting those seeds.

Franchise Opportunities

Island Fin Poke offers a unique, customizable dining experience that could thrive in the diverse markets of Virginia, North Carolina, New York, or Missouri. With its focus on fresh, quality ingredients and a relaxed atmosphere, this franchise is well-suited for states with varying levels of restaurants and consumers.

Jon Smith Subs, known for its marinated sirloin steak subs and made-to-order approach, could be a strong contender in the diverse landscapes of Virginia, North Carolina, New York, and Missouri. With a menu that appeals to a broad range of tastes, this franchise offers an opportunity to attract a varied customer base across these states.


Choosing the right state for your food franchise can make all the difference between success and struggle. Whether it's Virginia's untapped market, North Carolina's informed food enthusiasts, New York's bustling landscape, or Missouri's open field for innovation, each state offers its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

By understanding key metrics like average time spent on the page and bounce rates, you can better assess which state aligns with your franchising goals. While some states may require a unique or specialized offering to break through a crowded market, others present the opportunity to establish a brand in a less competitive environment.

In the end, the state you choose will depend on your franchise's unique value proposition and how it resonates with the local market. Armed with these insights, you're one step closer to making an informed decision that could set the stage for your success in the food franchising industry.

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