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Navigating the dynamic landscape of business services franchising can be complex. Understanding your market and identifying untapped opportunities is crucial for success. This article provides potential franchisees with unique insights into the competitive landscape of business services across different U.S. states, arming you with the data you need to make an informed decision.


Our analysis is based on user behavior metrics from our own website, specifically focusing on pages related to business services. We scrutinized 'Average Time on Page' and 'Bounce Rate,' categorizing them by U.S. states to offer a unique perspective on both interest and competition in various regions.

2023 Business Service Category Website Data

StateAvg. Time on Page (seconds)Bounce RatePopulation
Illinois32520%12.8 million
Arizona1420%7.5 million
Maryland1140%6.1 million
Tennessee10633%6.9 million
Virginia9740%8.6 million

Illinois: A Market Eager for In-depth Information

chicago street

If Illinois is on your radar for franchising, you're looking at a state with an impressively engaged audience. Users here spend an average of 325 seconds exploring business services, suggesting a ripe market for specialized services. Not only is the audience informed, but they're also keen to explore multiple options; the low bounce rate of 20% confirms this. For potential franchisees, this is a sign to act swiftly.

Arizona: Low Competition, High Potential

Arizona presents a different but equally promising opportunity. Users here spend an average of 142 seconds on our business services pages. This could be indicative of a market with many attractive franchise offerings for potential franchisees. The bounce rate of 0% underscores this point; users are spending time mulling over our franchises in the Business Service section. If you've been looking for a market that's ready for new entrants, Arizona should be at the top of your list.

Maryland: The Goldilocks Zone for Business Services

In Maryland, users spend a balanced average of 114 seconds on business services pages. This moderate engagement level suggests a market that's neither oversaturated nor neglected—a "Goldilocks Zone," if you will. Coupled with a bounce rate of 0%, the data suggests that Maryland offers a welcoming environment for new franchise operations looking to make their mark.

Tennessee: A Market of Contrasts

Tennessee offers a compelling puzzle for potential franchisees. On one hand, the average time spent on page is a respectable 106 seconds. However, the bounce rate of 33% suggests that not all users are moving forward in their franchise journey. For a new franchisee, this could prove to be an opportunity to jump into an open market with plenty of room for growth.

Virginia: A Market Ready for Disruption

Virginia's metrics point to a market on the cusp of change. The average time spent on our business services pages is on the lower end compared to other states at 97 seconds, possibly indicating openings for franchisees ready to take the next steps. The higher bounce rate of 40% amplifies this signal. If you're looking for a market to disrupt, Virginia seems ripe for new, innovative business services franchises.

Upsides to Franchising in the Business Services Sector

Choosing to franchise in the business services sector comes with several advantages. The industry is diverse, offering a range of services from consulting to logistics, which means you have multiple avenues for specialization. Given the data we've analyzed, it's clear that different states offer different opportunities:

  • High engagement states like Illinois are perfect for franchises offering specialized or comprehensive services.
  • Low competition states like Arizona could provide a fast track to market leadership.
  • Balanced markets like Maryland offer a risk-averse yet promising entry point.
  • Choosing to franchise with Build My Brand offers a unique opportunity to tap into a proven business model, allowing you to quickly establish market presence and scale efficiently.

Regardless of the state you choose, franchising offers the benefit of a proven business model, brand recognition, and operational support, making it a less risky venture compared to starting from scratch.


The landscape of business services franchising is as diverse as it is promising. From Illinois's highly engaged market to Virginia's untapped potential, each state offers unique opportunities and challenges. Understanding these nuances through user engagement metrics can provide invaluable insights, helping you choose the perfect location for your business services franchise.

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