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By Kerry CroccoJanuary 6, 2021

If you’re researching ways to become a business owner, you’ve likely read blog posts and articles on the topic.’s blog continues to publish information for aspiring business owners like yourself to help you make a decision. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a top ten list of most read blog posts of 2020. Skim the list and see if any of these posts will be helpful in your search for a business to own.

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Please note, not all these posts were published in 2020 but are still popular reads when people search for franchise information.

Most Read Blog Posts

1. Is Amazon the next franchise?

Although this post was published in 2018, it is still relevant today. With the pandemic, online shopping is still the safest way to buy goods and is thriving, And, Amazon is keeping up with the demand by hiring entrepreneurs to help with their deliveries. Learn more about the Amazon delivery service opportunity.
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2. The Differences Between a Chain Store and a Franchise

For people who are unfamiliar with franchising, this post is valuable. Like the title says, you’ll learn about the differences between a chain and franchise; the ownership structure, risks, costs, and profitability. It’s a great Franchising 101 starter post to get your feet wet about the industry.
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3. What Does a Papa John’s Franchise Make?

So, you’ll notice some of these posts are about specific brands. That’s because people love the idea of owning a business they frequent and love themselves. In this Papa John’s post, you can learn about the financial requirements to own the franchise, a little history and most importantly, what Papa John franchisees make.
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4. Top 5 Pizza Franchises

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods of all. So, who wouldn’t want to bring a tasty, zesty pizza brand to their area? But how do you choose which one to invest in? presents you with the top five largest pizza franchises based on annual sales and number of locations.
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5. Does Starbucks Franchise?

Spoiler alert: Starbucks does not franchise. But, in this post, you can learn why the brand hasn’t joined the world of franchising, how to open a Starbucks and some interesting facts about the coffee shop.
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6. Does Dave and Buster’s Franchise?

A unique franchise in the restaurant industry, Dave and Buster's offers food, drink, games and sports under one roof. No wonder why so many people want to learn about how they can open a Dave & Buster's. Find out more about the franchise features, typical customers, financial requirements, and site requirements.
Read: Does Dave and Buster’s Franchise?

7. What is Liquid Capital?

A staple from our Word of Wednesday education series, the What is Liquid Capital post, teaches readers about one of the most essential components to purchasing a franchise. Most franchisors require potential owners to have a minimum amount of net worth and liquid capital. Learn more about how to calculate your liquid capital and what to do if you don’t have enough to invest in a franchise.
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8. 6 Best Fitness Franchises to Own in 2019

Just as online shopping and food are essential to meeting our needs, so is staying mentally and physically healthy. Therefore, the fitness franchise industry made some innovative changes to adhere to social distancing and safety protocols. The gyms that utilized video platforms to provide remote classes and training sessions are still around today.
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9. Best Franchises to Own

Finding out the best of anything seems to be one of the top search words people use before making a purchase. And, franchise ownership is no different. Read this post as a guide on what to look for when finding the best business for you to own. Perhaps you’ll take into consideration factors you hadn’t thought of before.
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10. Franchising Roles and Responsibilities

The partnership between a franchisee and a franchisor is a symbiotic one. When franchise owners succeed, it contributes to the success rate of the franchise system as a whole. Educate yourself about what is expected from you as a franchise owner before you join a franchise family.
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