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Decoding Retail Franchise Interest Across Age Groups: What the Numbers Reveal


The world of retail franchising is not one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to the age demographics of potential franchisees. Understanding how different age groups interact with retail franchise opportunities can provide invaluable insights for prospective business owners. Our latest data sheds light on how age influences online engagement—from the percent of page views to the average time spent on a page and even bounce rates.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the behaviors of five major age groups: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 55-64. We'll examine the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each demographic, offering key takeaways to inform your next steps in the retail franchising journey.

2023 Retail Category Engagement Data

AgePercent of Page ViewsAvg. Time on PageBounce Rate

18-24: The New Kids on the Block

The 18-24 age group represents 24.53% of the total Retail page views on our website, with an average time on page of one minute and 43 seconds. But with a 60% bounce rate, it seems the competition here may not be as focused.


If you're in this age group, you're part of a significant portion of potential franchisees. However, the higher bounce rate suggests that your peers may not be fully committed, offering you a chance to stand out with a more focused approach.


The high bounce rate and moderate time on page suggest that your competition is likely also in the early stages of research, making it a relatively open field. But the market could change quickly and become more competitive over time.

25-34: The Digitally Savvy Explorers

The 25-34 age group accounts for 23.58% of page views and spends a significant average of 3 minutes and 13 seconds on our Retail franchising pages. However, they exhibit a high bounce rate of 88%.


The high time on page suggests that your potential competitors in this age group are taking their time to go through the information, but the high bounce rate indicates they may not be finding what they're looking for. This opens up an opportunity for you to capitalize on.


The high bounce rate can also mean that those in this age group are very selective, giving you a narrow window to make your mark.

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35-44: The Serious Contenders

The 35-44 age group comprises 22.17% of total Retail page views, with an average time of one minute and 48 seconds on the page and a bounce rate of 72%.


The bounce rate, while high, is lower than the 25-34 age group, signaling that your competitors may be somewhat committed but still leaving room for dedicated individuals to make an impact.


The sizable portion of page views and moderate time on page suggest that this age group is interested but discerning, making it essential for you to differentiate yourself.

45-54: The Experienced Navigators

Making up 20.28% of page views, the 45-54 age group spends an average of one minute and 12 seconds on the page, with the lowest bounce rate of 53%.


The lower bounce rate suggests that your competition is taking the time to consider their options carefully, but it also means there's less churn and more opportunity for you if you come well-prepared.


While the bounce rate is the lowest among the groups, it still indicates that nearly half of your potential competitors may not be fully committed, making this a crucial group to watch.

55-64: The Late Bloomers

The 55-64 age group holds the smallest share of page views at 9.43% but spends a significant one minute and 45 seconds on the page. Their bounce rate is high at 80%.


The lower percentage of page views and high bounce rate suggest that this is a less competitive age group, providing an opportunity for those who are serious about entering the retail franchise space.


The high bounce rate indicates that while there may be fewer competitors, those who are present are not deeply engaged, creating both an opportunity and a need for a strong, focused approach.

Franchise Opportunity

Mobility Plus offers a versatile franchise opportunity that appeals to potential franchisees across all age groups, from young adults to those considering post-retirement ventures. With its focus on providing mobility solutions, it caters to a wide-ranging and evergreen market, making it a stable and attractive option for those looking to enter the retail franchise space.


Understanding the nuances of age demographics can be a game-changer in the competitive world of retail franchising. From the tech-savvy and curious 18-24 age group to the experienced and discerning 45-54 demographic, each age range presents its own set of opportunities and challenges. Our data reveals not just the level of interest across these groups but also the depth of their engagement, as evidenced by metrics like time spent on page and bounce rates.

For prospective franchisees, these data points serve as a mirror, reflecting the competitive landscape and helping to inform decisions on when and where to make your retail franchising move.

The future of retail franchising is not just about identifying the right opportunities, but also about understanding who else is in the room with you. And as our data shows, that room is as diverse as it is dynamic.

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