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Does your community need a good hamburger restaurant? Franchise opportunities are available in this popular segment of the food industry. Franchisees are able to leverage the well-known brands and best practices of leading national and international companies. Owning and operating your own hamburger restaurant will allow you to use a broad range of business skills including customer service, finance, marketing and operations. Explore the franchises and business opportunities for sale in this category by clicking on the links below and remember to inquire to multiple opportunities to learn which business is right for you.

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It’s hard to think of a food more closely associated with American culture than the burger. Given the current popularity of burgers in the U.S., you won’t have to sell your potential customers on this type of food – they already eat burgers frequently. Instead, the challenge will be to stand out from other options in the area. By taking the franchise route, you can utilize existing brand recognition to bring in customers in the early days of your business. That will allow you to focus your attention on delivering an enjoyable experience that customer loyalty and repeat business.

Are Burger Franchises Profitable?

Traditionally burgers from franchise locations in the U.S. are cheap, which means you need to make them fast and sell lots of them to make your business profitable. Another avenue to drive up margins is to have success selling things other than your burgers to pad the average ticket and drive up revenues. For example, shakes or bar drinks with a larger ticket price can pad the margin. Lastly, you can go high-end and drive the cost of the burger closer to a regular entree if your location and menu warrants that. No matter what you choose, there are burger franchises in these niches, and they cater to specific demographics. So all you need to do is figure out what burger franchise is the right one to partner with.

The Local Angle

While the brand power of a large franchise can be a big help when starting a burger business, residents might see a big brand as cold and corporate. You can overcome this issue by engaging with the community and participating in local causes. Even if you are a franchisee for one of the biggest brands in the business, you can still carve out a local following by engaging with the market in your area and taking an active role.

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