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For people with busy schedules it's hard to find time to prepare healthy meals. As a sandwich deli business owner, you'll be catering to this growing market of time-strapped consumers. Whether you want to own a standard sub shop, a cafe or a casual restaurant, multiple franchises are for sale to suit your community's needs. As a franchisee you'll be leveraging an established business plan complete with the marketing power that comes from using a recognized brand. Explore the wide variety of franchises and business opportunities for sale in this category by clicking on the links below and remember to inquire to multiple opportunities to learn which business is right for you.


If you're looking for a franchise opportunity that offers high-quality products and a commitment to excellence, then you should consider becoming a PrimoHoagies franchisee. PrimoHoagies is a popular sandwich chain that has been serving delicious and…

Cash Required: $200,000

Category: Food Franchise

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While consumers at any food establishment will always care about the food quality, the convenience you are selling at a deli or sandwich shop is nearly as important. Remember, most people can make a sandwich at home, so you need to give them a compelling reason to buy your food instead of shopping for groceries and taking the DIY approach. Hitting on the two points below will make sure you add maximum value for the customer.

Reliable Speed

Deli food isn’t the kind of food that a customer expects to wait for when they stop by and order. Rather, they want to be in and out quickly, likely taking the sandwich with them to-go. It’s not good enough in this industry to be fast with your service some of the time – you need to offer speed all of the time. So when someone comes in to order a sandwich or one of your other menu items, they should expect to have that food prepared quickly so they can be on their way.

A Simple Menu

Another element of convenience is presenting customers with a menu that is easy to understand and only has limited options featured. As a business owner, it’s easy to think you should give your customers as many menu options as possible, but that can be counterproductive. Sometimes, too many choices wind up overwhelming your audience and cause them to look to other places for food. Fortunately, if you take the franchise approach to opening a deli or sandwich shop, much of this work will already have been done for you. The franchise will have a menu in place that has proven to work in other markets, and you can use that to hit the ground running.

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