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What does a DeliverWeed Licensor Cost?

Total Investment$45,000 - $75,000
Cash Required$50,000
Business TypeLicensor
Target MarketSee List

Own Your Share of the $Multi-Billion Dollar Medical Marijuana Industry!

The medical marijuana industry is currently generating $5.4Billion in revenue as of December 2015. With expected revenues of $6.7Billion in 2016, and $21.8Billion by 2020, the legal marijuana industry is the fastest growing industry in the USA, says Fortune Magazine.
There are medical breakthroughs proving that cannabis kills certain types of cancer cells in humans, reduces epileptic seizures in children, causes skin cancer to disappear when applied topically to the skin, and countless legal measures rolling into place by forward thinking politicians. Now is the time to ensure your place in this proven industry, pioneered by the State of California's Proposition 215, passed into law in 1996, 20 years ago.

Open a DeliverWeed in: CA.


Welcome to DeliverWeed™.  Your own exclusive protected territory on the DeliverWeed™ Network.
At DeliverWeed™ our goal is to connect consumers with professional, state legal dispensaries nationwide, that deliver quality medical marijuana, laboratory tested, free from pesticides and other contaminents.
Patients start by getting matched to the proper strain to treat their medical symptoms, then sit back as the DeliverWeed™ system locates the nearest delivery dispensary. Patients are then able to order online, select their delivery time, receive text message updates, and play the DeliverWeed™ game while waiting for their order to arrive. 
Patients also earn Rewards Points for performing certain actions across the network such as writing reviews, placing orders, referring friends, etc. Rewards Points are redeemable for cash and prizes. DeliverWeed™. Game On!
Here is what's included  with your new dispensary setup as a DeliverWeed™ Licensee:
Legal Compliance
Attorney handled legal collective corporation set-up and local municipality licensing.
Accounting and Tax Compliance
Certified Public Accounting Firm to help manage financials, taxes, etc., on an ongoing basis.
College-Level Education Provided
One week training course at a California Marijuana University, all expenses paid.
"How to Grow Pharmaceutical Grade Marijuana" Class
Learn to grow the most popular strains of your community.
State Of The Art Technology
High-end website with StrainMatch™ Technology, Doctor's Recommendation Appointment Scheduling System, Instant Medical Marijuana Doctor's Recommendation Verifications, Blog, Shopping Cart, Inventory Management System, SMS Text Messaging System, Driver Management System, Delivery Scheduling System, Search Engine Optimization, GEO-Location Technology, etc..
StrainMatch™ Technology
Using our proprietary technology StrainMatch™, patients are able to get matched to the one exact strain to treat all of their medical symptoms in one product available in your current inventory.
Automatic Doctor's Appointment Scheduling System™ can also schedule your patients visit with a medical marijuana doctor in your area using our Doctor’s Appointment Scheduling feature.  Patients may pick the date and time that works best for them, and our system schedules the appointment, allowing your patient the legal right to purchase and consume medical marijuana.
Instant Rx Verifications™
If your new patient currently has a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana, then their verification is completed within seconds, immediately during the signup process.
Automatic Document Upload and HIPPA Law Compliancy
Patients may uploaded sensitive documents instantly, directly into our HIPPA compliant secure servers that uses bank level encryption to keep your patients information safe and locked away from prying eyes. 
Online Inventory Management System
Automatically updates your strain inventory with each and every sale so that you always know how much inventory is on hand and with each delivery driver.
eCommerce Shopping Cart System
Default setup for C.O.D. with credit card processing also available. Toggle payment methods on or off as desired.
Your Own Website Blog
Write articles that get automatically published to the World Wide Web and search engines. Receive comments from 
readers to help expand market share. Each article adds an additional line item in the search results of all major search 
engines automatically. Create your own presence on the web.
Exclusive Protected Territory on the DeliverWeed™ Network
Whenever anyone accesses the website or App. from your exclusive protected area, our system will automatically detect their GEO-location and send them to your site to place their order. Build customers fast!
SMS Text Messaging System
Communicates all new orders to the right delivery driver, automatically.
Be a part of a national chain of franchise-style Licensees using State-of-the-Art technology with all required legal compliance.
DeliverWeed™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Relavor BioPharmaceutical Labs, Inc.
Relavor BioPharmaceutical Labs. Inc.
[Human & Botanical | Genome  Research]
Relavor substitutes pharmaceutical drugs with agricultural products such as cannabis and other fruits and vegetables, to formulate the exact compound to treat medical illnesses. Based upon the DNA of the human using the medicines, the exact unique match for each individual is recommended.
[Botanical  Cannabis Naming Convention]
Botanical Cannabis Naming Convention
Relavor Leads International Team Of Botanists To Scientifically Name Each Cannabis Plant and Strain
More than 1.2 Million known living organisms on Earth have their own scientific names, such as "Taraxacum", which is the scientific name for Dandelion, or "Ananas comosus", the name for Pineapple. Isn't it time that cannabis plants and strains find their way into the scientific community's handbooks? We thought so too!

[subsidiary: StrainMatch™]


StrainMatch Logo

Introducing StrainMatch™, Relavor's proprietary cannabis strain matching technology. Doctor's and their patients may simply select each of their medical symptoms then watch as our intelligent decisioning engine scours thousands of strains of cannabis to find the One Exact Match to treat all of those symptoms.
[subsidiary: DeliverWeed™]
DeliverWeed Logo
At™ our goal is to connect consumers with professional, state legal dispensaries nationwide, that deliver high quality medical marijuana. Get matched to the exact strain to treat your medical symptoms. Place your order online, and select your delivery time. Then sit back and relax as your order is delivered to your home or office.