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Franchises come in a wide range of investment levels, and many franchises require high up-front investments. These high investment franchises often have tremendous upside, typically attracting seasoned entrepreneurs or independently wealthy individuals looking to diversify their assets. Browse our selection of master franchise business opportunities today!

Roof Maxx

Every day, 18,000 roofs are replaced across the country, but 90% don’t need to be. As a dealer, this means a massive opportunity! Get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing home services concepts in history and earn high profits in your own…

Cash Required: $35,000

Category: Master/Area Developers

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What is a Master Franchise?

The concept of a master franchise is one that is unfamiliar to many potential business owners, but it can be a lucrative opportunity when it works out just right. Here’s how it works: a master franchise is basically a franchisor that is able to offer franchising opportunities in a specific geographic region. Rather than the franchisee working with the main franchise, they will work with the master franchise to build their new business. In exchange, the master franchisee earns a large percentage from the deal.

An Advanced Move

It’s unlikely that you will want to—or be able to—jump right into being a master franchisee as your first adventure in the world of franchising. This is an advanced-level pursuit that is more likely to work out for people with experience in a given industry. So, if you have already been running a franchise for years and would like to find a way to grow your reach and your income, a master franchise could be the right business opportunity for you.

Leveraging Existing Relationships

A big part of success as a master franchisee comes down to finding potential new business owners who would like to get started with a new location in your territory. Of course, that can be challenging, which is why it is such an advantage to have strong industry relationships already in place. If you are connected in your local area in a given industry and have plenty of people you could call about this opportunity, you might be the right fit.

Massive Potential

The growth potential for a master franchise is typically going to be far beyond what is available from a single business location. Even if a single franchise location is very successful, its revenue will likely pale in comparison to what’s available through a master franchise arrangement. If you’re looking for large potential return, and you’re ready to put in the work to achieve it, this could be a good opportunity for you.

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