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Hospitality Bio Cleaners has developed a science-based, lab-tested and approved sanitizing and disinfection system to fight infectious diseases and provide a total environmental safety management program. It is the only service of its kind that brings hospital-grade disinfection to homes and businesses. The cash required to obtain a Hospitality Bio Cleaners license is $30,000-$42,000. The Bio360+™ Disinfection System in the new "Gold Standard" in sanitizing and disinfection.

Total Investment$35,000 - $40,000
Cash Required$30,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketNational

Ground floor opportunity!

Affordable and scalable with limited competition- Act Now! Be an HBC environmental sanitizing and disinfecting professional licensee and create safe environments for schools, hotels, offices, hospitals and more.

HBC’s proven professional "Green" sanitizing methods provide commercial sanitizing and disinfecting solutions for any environment. We provide solutions for high-risk, high traffic areas in facilities of all shapes and sizes. We create 24/7 safe and healthy environments without chemicals!


You provide initiative and we provide the support! A successful combination for delivering the “Gold Standard” for new futuristic cleaning protocols across America! Together we will improve health, safety and quality of life across the country. 24/7 protection, chemical free, non-toxic, odorless and safe! HBC is reinventing clean, one customer at a time!

As a licensee, HBC will give you the tools to provide weekly, reoccurring sanitizing and disinfecting services, including long lasting microbial protection for homes offices, hotels, schools , stadiums and more. Laboratory proven procedures that are proven to be 99% effective against most pathogens and viruses, including Covid 19. Our EPA "Green" registered disinfectants, proprietary Sanitizing Solutions, proprietary antimicrobial film and proprietary air purification systems provide immediate and long lasting protection for our customers. Our process and solutions are safe for children, pets, food prep areas, healthcare and more; The entire environment! HBC offers complete, customized, eco-friendly, sanitizing solutions at a price that’s accessible and affordable to everyone!

100% Financing Available

HBC believes that our environment is being negatively affected by the continual spraying of highly toxic chemicals that were never approved by the large chemical manufacturers to be utilized in that matter. HBC is not an unhealthy temporary spray and go disinfecting service! Don’t waste your investment on these come and go businesses; we have reinvented the way businesses of all types provide a healthy, eco-conscious,  environment by designing complete environmental safety solutions that protect businesses and homes with temporary and long-term sanitizing systems. And with a complete workplace environmental safety management system behind you, you will have little to no competition!

In our quest to be the best, we have partnered with industry giants such as Clorox, Honeywell, 3M and numerous healthcare professionals and universities to create the most effective scientific systems for sustainable, safe and effective sanitizing for any environment. Our process was designed to be  environmentally conscious, improving health and quality of life for everyone we work with.

Our partnerships with the world’s foremost authorities on disinfecting protocols and leading infectious disease control associations, supported the development and launch of our innovative systems -the Bio 360+ TM, which has rapidly become known as the gold  standard in the improvement of health and quality of life in commercial and residential settings, offering huge potential and sustainable growth for your business. It’s time for you to get in on the ground floor to provide our innovative system in your very own protected market.

The innovative Bio360+ TM cleaning system utilizes unique and proprietary environmental sanitizing and disinfecting protocols to ensure a complete 360° treatment of the customers environment. Whether the customer needs are permanent or temporary, HBC has a complete system to clean, sanitize and disinfect like no other company. Sign up today to offer HBC Environmental Sanitizing and Disinfecting solutions to your customers and you will be on the ground floor of a massive new shift in the way America thinks about their daily environmental cleaning process.

The Bio 360+ system sanitizes air and surface contaminants with overlapping and complementary sanitizing techniques. Together they deliver the gold standard! We utilize the same air purification treatment used by NASA, UVC light treatments, disinfecting solution applications and antimicrobial surface films to ensure a completely sanitized, safe, sustainable, chemical free work environment; our customers have clean and sanitized work environments which helps saves them money from  lost sick time workers and contributes to the safety of their customers.

All of HBCs processes, equipment and solutions have passed rigorous laboratory testing that verifies the efficiency of the process. The Department of Environmental Microbiology at Arizona State University conducted a multi- month test, validating the efficacy of our Bio 360+ system against airborne and surface viruses and pathogens, certifying 99.9995% effective; the highest in the industry! And now it can be your process too!!

You can be another success story with the guidance of our 75+ years of experience ! Our training is designed to get you up and running quickly as an Environmental Sanitizing Professional.

Our HBC management team has a combined 75 years experience in the Hospitality services industry and in franchising a highly successful business model. The Executive team took one franchise system to the highest level of success and we are doing it again at HBC. If you’d like to succeed, come join those that already have.

Don’t miss out on joining the hottest trend in Environmental cleaning for hospitals, businesses, schools, airports, hotels, and more- Join HBC and help us purify our work environments. Call today to discuss how you can be the first in your city to offer complete environmental sanitizing services to a huge base of customers.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.