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Organic Bronze Bar Franchise

Organic Bronze Bar

is seeking candidates for expansion.

What does an Organic Bronze Bar Franchise Cost?

Total Investment$167,900 - $256,900
Cash Required$75,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target Market See List

The Hottest Trending Spa Service in Health and Beauty.

Open the nation’s first organic, airbrush tanning salon. Although the Organic Bronze Bar is a smart investment and provides entrepreneurs with an incredible business opportunity, it is much more than that; it is an opportunity to educate people on the dangers of skin cancer and the benefits of natural, healing ingredients to keep women healthy. The Organic Bronze Bar is a rewarding business which fosters health and beauty in EVERY individual no matter their shape, size or ethnicity.

If you're interested in starting a meaningful business which creates a sense of purpose, community outreach, spreads joy AND helps individuals with skin conditions, learn more about becoming an Organic Bronze Bar owner.

Open Organic Bronze Bar in any of these available states: AZ, CO, NV, OR, TX, UT.


This new emerging concept feeds the desire of people seeking a healthy beauty regiment.

Gone are the days when we fried ourselves in UV tanning beds. Doctors have proven UV tanning causes skin cancer and can be fatal. Organic Bronze Bar introduces the new healthy alternative to UV tanning. Offering an exclusive, healthy formula which provides a beautiful, natural, airbrush tan created with all natural and organic ingredients you not only get a beautiful bronze, but the formula is healing and hydrating.

A Platform to Educate Women

Not only is the Organic Bronze Bar a spa-like salon where women can go to look and feel gorgeous, it is also, the perfect platform to educate the public about the dangers of Skin Cancer.

Did you know...

Skin cancer, is one of the most common forms of cancer.
Two million cases of non­melanoma skin cancer are reported in the United States each year.
Approximately one person dies from melanoma every hour in the United States.
2.3 million teens visit tanning salons at least once a year

Explore the Organic Bronze Bar business model to build a business which fulfills you more than you can imagine.

How the Organic Bronze Bar is Different

  • The Bronze Bar creates customized spray tan solutions to match the desired look for each individual from very light skinned to naturally dark-skinned women.
  • Each spray tan is hand applied by a professional spray tan specialist assuring each area is evenly distributed.
  • The air is clean and ventilated and the application rooms are luxurious and private.
  • Offers services both singularly and on a membership basis complete with four membership levels tailored for females of all ages from teens to seniors.

Memberships Available:

Top-Shelf Membership = unlimited tanning
Select Membership = three pre-paid tans per month
Well Membership = two pre-paid tans per month
Teen Membership = two pre-paid tans per month for clients up to 18 yr old

Members receive additional benefits such as discounts on retail products and tanning sessions, family discounts and skin quench hydration treatments.

Fights Skin Cancer

  • Donates a portion of all organic Bronze Bar earnings to skin cancer research.
  • Raises money for skin cancer research and works with the medical community in educating and saving lives. Organic Bronze Bar has partnered with Oregon Health and Science University to create a mobile app which helps identify suspicious moles and replies with suggestions to take action or not take action.
  • Helps women with the following types of skin conditions: exema, psoriasis, age and liver spots, acne, wrinkles, scars, spider and varicose veins, stretch marks and rosacea.
  • Supports the community by hosting events:
    • Educational events on how to take care of your skin
    • Team up with the medical community to do skin checks
    • Continued education on the use of sunscreen
    • Presentations to high school students on the risk of skin cancer
    • Sit on hospital committees
  • Promotes health, beauty and an organic life style.
  • Saves lives by utilizing exclusive formulas specifically created for their products so they are pure and perform well and includes anti-aging solutions and beneficial ingredients and anti-oxidants such as essential oils, goji and acai berries, echinacea, coconut oil and many others.
  • Serves citrus infused liquid vitamin D shots to clients

An Interactive Culture

When you become an Organic Bronze Bar owner you join a sisterhood of support one with a nurturing spirit where your input is valued and welcomed to work together on product development, monthly promotions and future training programs.

Financial Investment

The total investment to start your own Organic Bronze Bar is $167,900 - $256,900 and includes everything you need to operate an OBB franchise including: the build-out, decor, specially formulated products, equipment, retail items, office supplies, first and last month's rent, marketing materials etc and much more, as well as $40,000 in the bank for cash flow.


Franchise units are typically 1200 - 1400 sq. ft. and ideally occupy a free-standing building or space in a strip mall. Many existing franchise owners offer the spray tanning service only but the Organic Bronze Bar can be operated in conjunction with skin care and waxing services making it a natural expansion for estheticians with an existing business.

Training and Support for Franchisees

Just like the customized nature of the Organic Bronze Bar services, all franchise owners are supported as much as each individual needs. Training begins for one week at headquarters in Oregon and continues at your location. You'll be given the assistance you need to open and run a thriving salon including:

  • Site selection
  • Design and layout
  • Grand opening
  • Ongoing training
  • Marketing and advertising materials and campaigns
  • Public events and community outreach
  • Employee development, hiring and human resources
  • Customer retention and resolution
  • Sales training on retail products, spraying and airbrush techniques and the POS system
  • Reporting, P&L
  • Goal setting

Ideal Franchisees

The Organic Bronze Bar is actively looking for candidates who have a strong business acumen, retail experience, and commitment to superior customer service, is collaborative and has managed a team before.

Complete the inquiry form to learn more about offering a healthy alternative to tanning for women and helping women feel good about themselves. Learn how becoming an Organic Bronze Bar owner can bring you joy and a career you love.